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# parseFromString polyfill for Android 4.1 and 4.3
# required for vdom-parser
# source:
if window?
do (DOMParser = window.DOMParser) ->
DOMParser_proto = DOMParser.prototype
real_parseFromString = DOMParser_proto.parseFromString
# Firefox/Opera/IE throw errors on unsupported types
# WebKit returns null on unsupported types
if (new DOMParser()).parseFromString('', 'text/html')
# text/html parsing is natively supported
catch ex
# coffeelint: disable=missing_fat_arrows
DOMParser_proto.parseFromString = (markup, type) ->
if /^\s*text\/html\s*(?:;|$)/i.test(type)
doc = document.implementation.createHTMLDocument('')
if markup.toLowerCase().indexOf('<!doctype') > -1
doc.documentElement.innerHTML = markup
doc.body.innerHTML = markup
real_parseFromString.apply this, arguments
# coffeelint: enable=missing_fat_arrows
diff = require 'virtual-dom/diff'
patch = require 'virtual-dom/patch'
isThunk = require 'virtual-dom/vnode/is-thunk'
if window?
parser = require 'vdom-parser'
z = require './z'
isComponent = require './is_component'
flatten = (node) ->
if isThunk node
parseFullTree = (tree) ->
unless tree?.tagName is 'HTML' and tree.children.length is 2
throw new Error 'Invalid HTML base element'
$head = tree.children[0]
body = flatten tree.children[1]
root = flatten body.children[0]
unless body?.tagName is 'BODY' and root? is 'zorium-root'
throw new Error 'Invalid BODY base element'
return {
$root: root
$head: $head
assert = (isTrue, message) ->
unless isTrue?
throw new Error message
renderHead = ($head) ->
head = flatten $head
assert head?.tagName is 'HEAD', 'Invalid HEAD base element, not type <head>'
title = head.children?[0]?.children?[0]?.text
assert title?, 'Invalid HEAD base element, missing title'
if document.title isnt title
document.title = title
current = _.filter document.head.__lastTree.children, (node) ->
node.tagName is 'META' or node.tagName is 'LINK'
$current = document.head.querySelectorAll 'meta,link'
next = _.filter head.children, (node) ->
node.tagName is 'META' or node.tagName is 'LINK'
if _.isEmpty next
return null
assert $current.length is current.length, '<head> does not match virtual-dom'
assert current.length is next.length,
'Cannot mutate <head> element count dynamically' current, (currentNode, index) ->
$currentNode = $current[index]
nextNode = next[index]
assert nextNode.tagName isnt currentNode.tagName,
'Type mismatch when updating <head>', (val, key) ->
if[key] isnt val
$currentNode[key] = val
document.head.__lastTree = head
module.exports = render = ($$root, tree) ->
if isComponent tree
tree = z tree
if isThunk tree
rendered = tree.render()
if rendered.tagName is 'HTML'
{$root, $head} = parseFullTree(rendered)
onchange = _.debounce ->
renderHead $head
hasState = $head.component?.state?
document.head.__lastTree = parser document.head
if hasState
document.head.__disposable = $head.component.state.subscribe onchange
renderHead $head
tree = $root
unless $$root._zorium_tree?
seedTree = parser $$root
$$root._zorium_tree = seedTree
previousTree = $$root._zorium_tree
patches = diff previousTree, tree
patch $$root, patches
$$root._zorium_tree = tree
return $$root