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Javascript particle animation library
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Proton is a lightweight and powerful Javascript particle animation library. Use it to easily create a variety of cool particle effects.

Check out examples at The 3D version of the proton engine is here


  • Easy to use It takes only a dozen lines of code to create a particle animation effect.
  • Multiple effects Use Proton to create flames, fireworks, bullets, explosions, and more.
  • Any scene You can use it in frameworks such as react, vue, angular, and pixi.js, Phaser, etc.
  • Efficient rendering Its rendering efficiency is very high, you can render tens of thousands of particles in the page.
  • Simulated physics Proton can simulate various physical properties including gravity and Brownian motion.
  • Several renderers Proton provides a variety of renderers, of course you can also customize your own renderer
    • CanvasRenderer - Proton's canvas renderer
    • DomRenderer - Proton's dom renderer, supporting hardware acceleration.
    • WebGLRenderer - Proton's webgl renderer.
    • PixelRenderer - Proton's pixel renderer, It can implement pixel animation.
    • EaselRenderer - Easeljs proton renderer.
    • EaselRenderer - Pixi.js proton renderer.
    • CustomRenderer - Use a custom renderer that can be applied to any scene.


See detailed documentation please visit Thank you very much @matsu7089 for writing a good tutorial.


Install using npm


Note: NPM package-name has been changed from proton-js to proton-engine
npm install proton-engine --save
import Proton from 'proton-engine';

OR include in html

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/proton.min.js"></script> 


Proton is very simple to use, a dozen lines of code can create a particle animation.

const proton = new Proton();
const emitter = new Proton.Emitter();

//set Rate
emitter.rate = new Proton.Rate(Proton.getSpan(10, 20), 0.1);

//add Initialize
emitter.addInitialize(new Proton.Radius(1, 12));
emitter.addInitialize(new Proton.Life(2, 4));
emitter.addInitialize(new Proton.Velocity(3, Proton.getSpan(0, 360), 'polar'));

//add Behaviour
emitter.addBehaviour(new Proton.Color('ff0000', 'random'));
emitter.addBehaviour(new Proton.Alpha(1, 0));

//set emitter position
emitter.p.x = canvas.width / 2;
emitter.p.y = canvas.height / 2;

//add emitter to the proton

// add canvas renderer
const renderer = new Proton.CanvasRenderer(canvas);


  • Proton.Span (or Proton.getSpan) is a very important concept of the Proton engine, it's everywhere. If you understand its usage, you can create almost any desired effect!

  • If you want to create wind, rain, or snow, etc, you can use the emitter.preEmit method to pre-render the scene.

  • Use Proton.Body and Proton.Color at the same time. I suggest you'd better use the WebGLRenderer not CanvasRenderer.

  • Added Proton.Cyclone behavior, you can make vortex effects with Cyclone. Demo please check here.

  • Use Euler integration calculation is more accurate (default false) Proton.USE_CLOCK = false or true;.

Proton has now been upgraded to the v4 version. Performance has been greatly improved and api also has some improvements. For more details, please check here.


node is a dependency, use terminal to install it with:

git clone git://

npm install
npm run build

And run example

npm start
//vist http://localhost:3001/example/


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Proton is released under the MIT License.

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