Backs up your entire Flickr stream to a local site.
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Flickr Archivr

This project is meant to back up a single user's Flickr photo stream. It can also serve as a public web mirror of the user's Flickr photos and sets.

Flickr Archivr Screenshot

Flickr Archivr Screenshot


  1. Install Bundler:

    $ gem install bundler

  2. Clone the project:

    $ git clone

  3. Create a Flickr app:

  4. Edit config.yml to include your Flickr consumer key and secret, and set the folder where you want to store the downloaded images

  5. Install dependancies with Bundler:

    $ bundle install

  6. Start the server:

    For development: $ bundle exec rackup -s thin

    For development, app reloads automatically: $ bundle exec shotgun -s thin -P public

    For production: $ bundle exec thin start -e production Look at the documentation for thin's command line. You can configure for multiple workers, etc..

That's it! Visit http://localhost:9292/ and sign in with your Flickr account!

Initial Import

After signing in and connecting your Flickr account, you can do the initial import of your photo stream. This is done with a rake task:

$ rake flickr:import[username]

After this finishes, you should have a complete archive of your Flickr stream. Visit http://localhost:9292/username and you should see everything there.

If this errored out you can safely restart it and it will continue where it left off. This is accomplished by using the import_timestamp field on the users table. After this has finished successfully, you should update the field to the timestamp of the most recent photo in your stream. You can do this with the following SQL command:

UPDATE users SET import_timestamp = (SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(MAX(date_uploaded)) FROM photos WHERE user_id = 1) WHERE id = 1

Keeping Updated

From here on out, you will only need to download new photos and photos that have been modified. Luckily Flickr provides a nice API method for retrieving recently modified photos, which they say includes changes to the title, description, tags, or "just modified somehow :-)"

$ rake flickr:update[username]

Any changes to photos will cause them to be re-imported using this task! You can run this every 5 minutes, hour, day, or whatever. If you rename photos, the filename on disk will have changed, so the script will remove the old filename and re-download the photo.


  • Add support for storing photos on S3, Dropbox, etc. (Technically this is currently possible via something like
  • Download favorited photos (must be careful about licensing for photos that are not your own)
  • Search
  • Display videos with an embedded player (videos are currently downloaded, but a thumbnail is shown)
  • Update to Bootstrap 2.0 template