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Cubically is a work-in-progress esoteric programming language built to be complex and painful, and to encourage users to extensively study Rubik's Cubes.

The most recent version of Cubically is 4.0-beta.   GitHub commits


To build the interpreter, run make. This generates the executable cubically:

Usage: cubically <flags> <file | string> <size>
Flags: f | second argument is a file
       s | second argument is a string
       u | read file/string as UTF-8
       c | read file/string as Cubically SBCS
<size> specifies the size of the memory cube. If blank, a 3x3x3 will be assumed.

As a 3x3x3 memory cube is standard, it will be used throughout the tutorial and examples in the docs.

To clean up after building, run make clean.

How to use

To learn how to use Cubically, check out the documentation! It contains up-to-date information about every part of the language. Sometimes.

If you need help on a specific point, or something is unclear, feel free to open an issue.