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.gitignore Add a gitignore file
README update README Add a script to combine data and extradata
example_start-tors_fastslow.txt Make redirect stderr, too.
measurements-HOWTO The timeout tool has moved to package coreutils.
plot_results.R Update measurement howto because of change to git
torperf2-HOWTO couple bugfixes


A set of utilities for testing Tor performance. Currently they are
unfinished and not documented.


 trivsocks-client.c: Very simple HTTP client, which downloads a file
  via SOCKS 4a/5 and outputs timing information
 util.c: Utility functions for trivsocks-client.c
 util.h: Utility function declarations for trivsocks-client.c
 Makefile: Builds and tests trivsocks-client

 measurements-HOWTO: instructions on how to run torperf measurement tests
 LICENSE: The Tor license (3-clause BSD)
 README: This file 

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