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space stattion 5 - lounge
... we 're saved !
... not far , now .
it 's okay .
where 's ma ?
bravo , your majesty !
no , thank you .
your men knew the risks .
so he 's won .
bad habit .
for you , mrs. peel .
aren 't you coming ?
all right !
where the hell is he ?
what 's the matter ?
you 're kidding .
that was kid gloves ?
no bodies , no west ...
why not religion , dad ?
she didn 't know ?
look again for fuck sake !
join the party , fellas .
yeah , you were saying ?
what will you do ?
what happened to your pants ?
i couldn 't resist them .
i 've lived there .
and your hand too .
i just want the job .
is that a cellar door ?
who is frank ?
excuse me ?
treves . well done .
just give me a hand .
how 's the chicken ?
what do you think ?
where 's the medicine ?
shoot it .
you all sure about this ?
blow the goddamn hatch !
why ... her ?
this feels ... incestuous .
32 feet , six inches !
we 're alive !
we 're still drifting .
another historical inaccuracy .
it 's almost over ! !
it smells damp .
where are you ?
first time for everything .
what 's wrong ?
where is he ?
thank you .
i 'll be in touch .
who is it ?
here , i got it .
shoot pool , fast eddie .
your treat .
indy , look !
anymore ideas ... ?
some agent you are .
who 's that ?
who 's she ?
every week --
i don 't believe it !
dr. carlson 's dead ?
can we get through these ?
how old you ?
what is it ?
did you call ?
have they harmed you ?
wait , jack .
i put him to work .
my mother would die .
been thinking ?
that just hurt a lot .
had enough ?
who invited you ?
charming chap .
if you want me to !
i 'm thirty .
what 's this ?
you ain 't lying .
she know ?
i 'm outta here .
order , gentlemen !
sounds good to me .
stay away !
get mad !
is that something precious ?
what 's wrong , mother ?
make it ice cold .
gabriel ? are you asleep ?
how does he do that ?
it will be an ascension .
how far have you gotten ?
they 've taken your clothes ?
feel a little foolish ?
he wants the money .
where 's shorty ?
what did you just say ?
tell me your name .
so what should i wear ?
stop crying !
got ta go .
hi , dad .
megan halesy ' little sister .
are you nervous ?
good night , mike .
shut up , animal !
doctor soran ?
... no response , sir .
what 's she doing here ?
phaser lock inoperative , sir .
i 'm only half human .
steering wheel ...
who 's strickland ?
20 bucks ?
check and mate .
an accident , nathan .
what happened ?
is he all right ?
holy shit .
see you , warren .
so what ?
what are you doing here ?
need a ride ?
oh my god .
another , frank ... ?
where you going ?
is it good ?
just trying to be helpful .
try again .
are you frightened ?
i hope he fell off .
what ? where ?
no heart to burn .
donald segretti ?
-- i 'm sure --
say that again , kevin ?
okay , explain .
what was that ?
i 'm not .
let 's get the kids .
someone who follows his heart !
what 's that ?
stay here .
he was ... taken .
why are you working today ?
looking for intelligent life ?
maybe you inspire me .
i might do it wrong .
you okay ?
you 'll be back ?
fuck you , phil .
it looks done .
not on him , chief .
cool , huh huh huh .
she 's only fourteen ...
let him try .
that ... fucking ... bitch !
eau de suckhead . tasty .
are you alright ?
are you treadstone ?
stop where you are .
what ? ... oh ...
don 't you work here ?
are you okay ?
do you mean that ?
my dad 's down there !
what 'd he say ?
you 're very easily amused .
like you 're better !
you open ?
is he staying here ?
are you an epileptic ?
you 're going too fast .
here 's the patrol .
how do you know that ?
we 'll show that to ...
crash victim ?
good luck .
when do we go ?
will he be alright ?
hanover , listen ...
she 's pretty .
'asian dawn movement ? '
jesus ! are you serious ?
you really think so ?
thanks for everything .
what a surprise .
what about your bags ?
why good ?
make it collect .
you are a moron .
this is cheery .
whoa , nine months ?
how you doing , brewer ?
oh my goodness ... bobby ...
bye , now .
oh , for chrissakes ...
and what was that ?
mrs. stanwyk !
you got the warrant ?
okay , give it back .
this could be it .
me too , tom ?
she is horrible .
chuck , let 's go .
night doc .
turn that back on !
that 's coming along well !
poor father . . .
i 'm scared shitless .
smith ! wake up !
a little longer , paul ?
this thing 's going nowhere .
jennifer-jenzen-executive-v.p.- paragon-pictures .
your daughter 's been taken .
eighth room down , babe ...
can 't talk right now .
you have no car .
you know where he lives ?
don 't !
is hooper coming to dinner ?
hi dad .
about damn time .
no no ...
and what are those ?
i like cows .
let 's go !
you watch this garbage ?
when is mommy coming back ?
you killed him .
get him onto shore .
you 'll do it ?
so what 'd i miss ?
no , what 's wrong ?
can i come in ?
how is he ?
tank , charge the e.m.p .
well -- i --
i 'm still here .
my wife wasn 't diabetic .
to what ?
its muscles are locked .
it bit you .
see anything you like ?
package away in five..four..three.. ...
sorry , am i interrupting ?
she 's got it .
what with ?
maybe he 's wet ?
i 've lost interest .
how about ...
you bet .
ghost a steppin ' razor ...
yes , billy ?
n-n-n-n-duh-duh-duh-pl-pl-pl-pl-muh muh-muh ...
yes . i am .
the golden warriors .
what are you crying for ?
that 's not maurice ?
they ready , earl ?
get me into a plane !
they 're all over us !
so where 're we going ?
thanks , charles .
stop right there .
you are wonderful !
we make love ?
shall we unpack it ?
ready to roll , partner ?
help me rhonda .
you don 't like it ?
ike ... hi , grandma .
why not ?
good luck , john .
i have rehearsal .
sidney , what happened ?
what do you want ?
have you seen hugo ?
shall i answer it ?
you going to answer it ?
so how 's norman ?
-- white ladies ?
we 're looking for mike .
yes , mary patrick ?
how are you ?
nellie told us about it .
all too well , captain .
are you ready ?
can you open that panel ?
pelting down out there .
fourteen year old girls .
do something .
so you 're okay .
it 's not good enough .
can we go sit somewhere ?
we used pull .
i 'll lead .
what now ?
fuck 'em . fucking assholes .
do you really know superman ?
who is she ?
who 's the other woman ?
i know , but --
what do you mean ?
loretta ... sidney falco ...
match me , sidney ...
just let me go .
i wasn 't expecting you .
thanks . you , too .
how did it go today ?
come on !
an investment banking house .
what was that ! ?
what are you doing ?
good afternoon , mrs ... ?
we can 't leave the piano
shut up .
finished with these ?
i don 't hear any --
what about id 's ?
i pay my own way .
what 's the plan ?
abu kaleem malik .
grace . . . grace ?
step number two .
the poor thing ... .
your ideas never work out .
the first day .
nice work .
twenty thousand dollars .
chief - mind if i take her ?
it 's late , they 're closing ...
do i get to kiss her too ?
he 's right on the heading .
flame-units only . i want rifles slung .
miss price ! miss price , please !
you shut up now , boy .
go ahead to the saloon . but don 't get too drunk !
jesse , is that your hand ?
there 's only four of them ...
do we post it on the net ?
just want to say good luck .
i 've continued working on the case !
you ever take a bath with a man before ?
let 's keep our eyes on the road , deckard .
cliff , i must warn you . i know how to defend myself .
okay , jason , your move .
fine speech . now what do we do ?
are you sure you even packed it ?
maybe it went out . should someone check it ?
the bourbon . the news about ugarte upset me very much .
well i was right . you are a sentimentalist .
he thinks people *like* to get whacked by branches .
you ain 't gettin ' in no trouble , i hope .
what is this ? you guys cops or something ?
did , uh ... did you kill him ?
what do we do ? we change the scam ?
original cindy , say hi to my good friend --
i did it ! i did it ! we won !
now i think we really do understand one another .
let 's hack her to pieces .
hey , you two ! what 's going on ?
put it through tacs . smith , you up for a flyby ?
you know , maybe you should get some rest --
do you think guys find that attractive ?
hey ! get quiet or get out .
i 'm in a wheelchair , the truck sounds pretty good .
i love you , mama . i love you , dad .
get away from her ! she 's mine !
what 's this guy 's problem ?
well , what have you thought ?
cranes ? who needs to walk like a crane ?
their den ? have you ever seen anything like this ?
that 's a thousand million electron volts .
late renaissance , i think . caravaggio or brunelleschi .
don 't you think you should at least wave ?
ben -- what 's happening ? who is mr. gladstone ?
and i 'll want to leave an early wake-up call .
the killer knocks the knife out of her hand with the wrought-iron poker .
hold on , hot lips . we got work to do .
ssh . i 'm on a stakeout .
well , the sofa isn 't often used for sleeping on ...
i thought steve had talked to you ?
hello , harvard ! got anything new on the hanging ?
i got my rhyming dictionary in --
are you referring to me , madam ?
you guys wan na play some more poker ?
you ain 't gettin ' out o ' here !
well , anyhow , i won 't be covering stuff like this any more .
i did see them . i did .
please yourself . let them go , if they want .
what is wrong , my darling ?
hi . sorry i 'm late .
what do you think you 're doing ? ! get down !
was quite excited , when he came in ...
look , nobody knows we did it .
does he have the marked bills on him ?
thanks , but i have my own now .
what 's up with this shit .
how do you open the damn door ?
why not , larry ? we could get a positive confirmation that way .
tonight turned out to be pretty interesting .
it worked out alright , didn 't it ?
his home would be ... mount olympus .
another one ? what word did he leave ?
what make ye of that , jack ?
i forgot where i put my keys .
i was holding for someone . that wasn 't even mine .
i 'd love to drive through new england in the fall .
you don 't look like you .
why haven 't you called me ?
what are we going to do ?
yes . unbosom yourself , mr . hyde . [ 11 ]
you want to come splash around .
thank you , brother ; sister , how are you ?
your turn , rudy . you want me to flip for you ?
she was always a bit thin in the hips ...
we 're throwing him a last supper . we came to invite you .
say , who 's putting up this dough ?
what were you saying , governor ? sorry .
why , everybody in mandrake falls in pixilated - except us .
well , what about it , mr . deeds ?
o'connell ! i am going to kill you for this !
he certainly was not a popular fellow when they planted him .
what can we do , mother ?
are we goin ' home , john ?
they tell me it has a wonderful restaurant on the second floor .
there 's a charming crowd here tonight , isn 't there ?
... will there be somethin ' else ?
why would he go to odessa ?
how 'd he know about the treasure ?
pete 's cousin turned us in for the bounty !
you serious about having him over ?
am i one of that sort ?
but it seems to be enough to condemn him .
it 's okay . it 's alright .
yes ... ..we do ask for ... .30 to 60 days ... .
`` rosebud ? i 'll tell you about rosebud .
i thought only punks fought with knives .
where the hell are you going ?
buffet . whaddya think it is ?
i don 't know what he did to her , but she got even .
why can 't we pick out our own colors ?
yeah , how did you know ?
mrs. hinkle , are you insane ?
you don 't think i fuck you , bitch ? i 'll fuck you .
you guys figure it out . i 'm taking a break .
no mac , please ... i --
i almost thought for a second ...
she 's a tarot card reader at a shopping mall .
what 's he get if he wins here ?
i 'm supposed to speak at their tenth anniversary .
when you get going on those broads , think of me !
wunderbar ! isn 't he wunderbar !
what 's it add up to you , sefton ?
sensors show five life signs aboard the station , captain .
transwarp at your command , sir !
then , this is what it would sound like underwater ?
professor scott , if you 'll --
prepare to transport the 'hostages ' to the ship ...
he 's activated a transport inhibitor .
a ship-wide decompression has been initiated !
would you care to go topside ?
i told you that it wouldn 't escape his eye .
c'mon , i need to talk to you . just the two of us .
... sorry 'bout that , but you do look familiar to me .
we don 't have any fog this time of year , mitch .
you know how we get the specimens we use for dissection ?
it might be an interesting case .
i thought they 'd be in coffins .
no it ain 't there . would i be asking if it were there ?
hello , mrs. watchit . you 're looking in the pink .
uh , mare , what kind of dog is puffy ?
what seems to be the situation here ? you shit yourself or something ?
come on , you 're not going to do your lasso thing ... ?
not the whole time , of course . i --
an aryan warrior with black teardrops painted on his face .
what is this going to cost ?
he liked you ... i could bawl my head off !
no , i don 't think that at all . how is he ?
it didn 't go over 'til i turned her starboard !
no , bud , no ... not you .
there 's nothing much to laugh at .
it 's happened at last , we 've become a limited company .
that 's right ; convict without trial ... habeas corpus .
they 're nearly ready for you . they 're just finishing the band call .
bill says actors out there eat just as infrequently as here-
i like that girl . that quality of quiet graciousness ...
you want barker 's phone stuff or his money stuff ?
it 's a big , thick envelope , vicky . you got in .
and i want to try to make it up to you .
hey . i got another question for you .
you actually said that ? ! haaaah ! !
what the fuck ! ? you too ! ?
par away , long ago glowing deep as an ember
it 's going . it 's going .
i don 't think i ever spent half a day in the beverly center .
... i won 't let a killer walk !
naah , wilder knows we got friends in town .
i 'm sorry that i 'm not taking you .
been any place unusual in the past twelve hours ?
i really do apologize , mr. wayne . his project was terminated this morning ...
shut up , kevin . honey , you-re not making sense ...
huh huh huh . that was cool .
uh ... is this the right bus ?
we just cleared all four floors . no sign of him .
i would like to watch television .
honey , we can be happy and poor together .
those are good burgers , walter .
what are you going you doing ?
we 're here . where the hell are you ?
lime , i need to use your computer
she wanted something to help her sleep .
that 's alright , we got a pressing engagement !
you 're the guys from the movie !
all right . okay , okay .
no-o . you know , questions like that don 't help your cause --
right time . that was kind of fun . she had spunk .
there are cables overhead . hang on . it 'll clear up .
make a right . you can 't miss it .
does she have a red ribbon on that ponytail ?
do you think they 'll walk away ?
you sure know how to take a lot of punishment .
bring down the money or your friend 's dead !
why the hell are we wasting time here ? !
he are here ! he have arrived ! hooray !
one shirt - blue , collar attached .
don 't die on me , jerry . okay ?
i 'm really not that hungry .
what are you looking to read ?
too many people know about my involvement in this .
you call being bastaldi 's lap dog better ?
you write gracefully . calligraphy is so similar to fencing .
you sure ? a coke or a perrier or something ?
right here ... middle of nowhere ...
i told you the facts ! he abandoned us -- those are the facts .
um ... they gave me a limo , uh ...
you figured this was a set-up ? and you showed up anyway ?
ouch ! see - you 're always beating me.. !
done . and i assume you have the magic cd- rom ?
god damn it , matthew . what the hell are you doing out here ?
she 's one of the sick people ?
okay , look -- i think we got off on the wrong foot here --
do i look wasted -- asshole ?
calm down , kimmy . it 's not drugs , just weed .
you really got a masters degree ?
how long before you 're fully on line ?
so there never was a phase two rescue team ?
i just can 't look at you .
lets see , it was before he moved to l.a ... four years april .
i thought you had this all figured out . good going 'irwin . '
so you know about johnny crunch and myself .
thanks for the promotion , man .
you mean you had a bad dream .
does he know about what happened ?
twelve have a mission within the week .
i got ta stop ! ! i got ta stop ! !
he said we 're all going to have to go talk to the guy .
wh ... wh ... wha ... ?
your friend lives in a fine building .
they say fanucci has a license from maranzalla himself to work this neighborhood .
i don 't want to stay here ...
hey mike , what can i say ?
how are you feeling , mr. jimmy ? how is your mind today ?
it was the first time i had ever seen anyone shot .
you buckled up ? you cold ?
get outta here . could i speak to you privately ?
-- then i guess then it had to be you . sorry .
i heard someone crying -- a woman --
and then i lost him . in the fog .
are they my kind louis ? dolls never change either .
maybe we should just wait here ? hide in a tree ?
you are fortunate in your father .
mike ! are you going out ?
okay , have we gone over everything ? back on tuesday , right ?
how can i make your life better ?
i 'll go back to them .
listen alan , i really appreciate you bringing me along .
you 're gon na get electrocuted electrified ! the power 's coming back !
first rank ! second rank ! present arms !
why do hate the grey hair , magua ?
that 's where a lead bullet has torn you .
that 's great . now let 's move 35 degrees southwest .
a soul 's search : finding your true calling - are you reading this ?
-- you wouldn 't last five minutes .
it 'll happen at the exact time of your birth .
they 've burned through the outer shields .
`` hi , gina . hi , sonny . ''
not bad -- for a cowboy -- you 're okay , you 're okay .
thirty-second opening in the roof and a 250-foot drop .
what are you going to do ?
he is brave sir robin , brave sir robin , who ...
you 're really something coco ... thank you .
you don 't have to sound so emphatic .
oh , yeah , sure , help yourself .
you know vada , you shouldn 't let those girls upset you .
yeah , well , lots of couples are imcompat ...
we 'd love to transition a gay guy into the group .
i 'm not taking drugs , dad . can i go to bed now ?
what 'd you do , take the scenic route ?
mom and dad ? that 's ... crazy . they never said ...
bloody hell , this is fun .
h-h-how 's it g-g-going , mack ?
let 's go , for christsakes ...
but you 're sure we 've met , huh ?
i 've heard a lot about you , mr. sisco .
you 'll be sorry , beckett .
are you fuckin ' kidding me ?
billy ... what the hell 's wrong with you ?
you 're looking well , dutch .
you don 't know anything about me .
you sure you won 't come with me ?
... as ... you ... wish ...
i told you to remain on the command ship .
y'know how i got started in the fight racket ?
everybody ! annie has an announcement --
mother of god ... have mercy ...
i wonder if his cabin is still available ?
you 're freaking out here man .
it 's not a charade , all this ?
i can see nothing 's changed .
no ! don 't believe him .
how did the fire fight end ?
don 't you touch me , snotbrains !
it should be here any minute .
there is no masbath here . my father 's loan papers are missing .
well , what then , sergeant ?
we don 't let go , you s ...
what makes you think i play ?
cut it out , girls . stop it . joe - josephine - help !
wait a minute , daphne . you haven 't got a bathing suit .
what are you looking at , out there ? there 's nothing to see .
readin ' must be somethin ' powerful , huh , son ?
what is it , david lee ?
this is terrible ! this can 't be happening ! !
ow , you 're hurting me !
now mac , can you tell me the status of this deck ?
but the corridor outside this door is open , correct ?
yes , sir . i 'm here .
good good , then it 's all settled .
no , of course , you don 't want to talk about it .
called him . we set an ap ...
i didn 't think a phone call was appropriate ...
mr. kent ! superman was here !
oh . . . my . . .
what color underwear am i wearing ?
long story . i found this key in the mouth of a wooden harlequin .
have either of you seen david watts ?
ed , how 're you holding up ?
nice to see you , lieutenant .
might as well i suppose . are you busy ?
if you could see your way to lending me some cash -
man , that 's far out ! hey , the jets won !
the hyatt . good afternoon . may i help you ?
and when is the next lesson ?
you got nothin ' on me .
serve the nuts - i mean , serve the guests the nuts .
pooch , can you move it ?
why don 't you come in for a while ?
move 'em to texas , fry 'em up .
well , what are you waiting for ?
way to go ! we 're haulin ' !
you think we can make it there ?
god ... you 're so beautiful ! i can 't believe no other man has ever taken you away from me ...
hey , don 't you think a hair stylists got any interest in gettin ' it on ?
you don 't do what i say ... i 'll waste you myself . got it ?
alright , let 's assume this whole thing is true . why does freddy all of a sudden need you ?
meet me onboard , sweetheart . i have to pick up a few things at the drugstore .
human children can be very beautiful . getting married ? congratulations . you will be taking sunday off , then ...
yes , papa , name it . name it . i 'll do anything you say !
what you think , mozart , is scarcely the point . it is what his majesty thinks that counts .
the forensic lads seem to feel that some sort of animal was involved , that 's true , but i hardly think ...
cole , i want to get to the farm , make sure little jim and the girls are okay .
`` the fidelity bank and trust was robbed on tuesday by a gang of twenty heavily armed men . ''
so , when you were talking about wishing people were more like computers . was that then ? or now ?
london . the world council of ministers meets soon on global defence . if you can control the weather , you control the world .
wait a minute . you been living with debbie ! why do you want to get married ?
i don 't get it . why didn 't you go for it just now ?
dorothy might love me or not , as she likes , but best will have to fight me before he marries her !
hey , i -- holy fuck ... holy fuck , what the fuck did you guys do ?
okay . i think that 's it . he rises and walks to the door .
... we got to keep looking . track him down ! great balls of fire !
yeah , right ! that 's where you 'd go to find girls ! nome . he 's gay , by the way .
i 'm sorry . i took the lord 's name in vain again , didn 't i ? i 'm so sorry .
and lord we ask finally that you send an angel to look after and protect our beloved son , adam . amen .
okay , doc . what 's the damage ? how much time have i got ?
easy does it , evan ! don 't be a bad boy or i 'll tell mommy you were naughty .
i 'm a little worried about the ... ... about how much bleeding is okay .
poor bastard never knew what hit him . jesus , i almost felt sorry for the guy .
sure , i have . but not one with ice in it , that 's all .
so , are you , like , gon na polish our nobs , or what ?
man , that weed knocked christine on her ass . she 's sleeping like a baby stella .
he 's going to make a good spy ... that 's not bad for the first day .
naomi , i really value our relationship . i hope it 's possible for us to stay in touch .
we don 't get the power back , our air 's gon na go bad .
if not , firing will only give away our position to hostiles in the area . now how smart is that ?
i am to take command of major general lafayette 's division and lead the attack .
i can 't believe the way you guys do business out here . i can 't believe how fucked up your organization is .
you a quick draw ... 'bro ? ' you better be , your piece stuck way down in your belt like that .
if this thing turns out to be a ship everybody thought sank a long time ago , we just hit the jackpot .
this is supposed to be salvation ? what kind of idiocy are we dealing with here ?
tiger 's challenged you and jerses has made me an offer , made us both an offer : you take a fall .
you don 't put up with that ! nobody has to put up with that !
so they 're trying to kill you and your baby . don 't tell me . your name also happens to be rosemary .
i never knew when to hold it -- or who to ask , or what to say .
don 't want to forget this , you know . might start to rain again .
kind of exclusive , ain 't you ? we got calls to make , you know .
could you seal it over with hot pitch , clive ? caulk it like the hull of a ship .
she said , 'i know you love me , mac , but you 've never loved me enough . '
tire 's fucking gone crap on us , man . there 's no saving it now .
hold on , hold on ! everybody calm down ! it 's the tow truck guy .
what do you mean -- gone ? what the hell kind of a nurse are you , anyway ?
i sense the fumes of opium in all this . perhaps miss scott picked up the habit in shanghai .
i discovered this . sec filing ... for the sale of the cbs corporation to westinghouse corporation .
what the hell 's a communist like lee oswald doing working out of banister 's ?
those bastards ! that 's proof enough right there of what we 're up against . the whole goddamn federal government , bill !
it 's on the table where i left it ! what the hell are you doing ? ! hurry up !
i 'll get drinks . what would everyone like ? i 've got pellegrino , vitamin water ...
oh . sure . of course you 'd want to know how your kid is cooking .
you think i 'm goin ' to kill you . well that 'd make me a liar then wouldn 't it ?
... well i probably drunk more than my share , anyway ... you go on an ' have it .
darlin ' you were 'bout that far from spendin ' the night at the morgue . you understand ?
i made her get tested with me because i didn 't want to go alone .
if you knew , leon ... ! i killed one thousand in my head ... and this never disturbed my sleep .
and make sure you read the footnotes in levinson 's class . that 's where all her exam questions come from .
welcome to the party . it 's so nice to see all of you here .
thank you , nicky . cause now i 'm gon na bust adrian 's head wide open .
well , nice meeting you , jenna , christa . would it be okay if i called you mommy ?
some layout they got here . did you get a load of the rooms ? you couldn 't do better at the ritz .
that 's what i say . what do you say to a rubber of bridge ? i saw some cards in the other room .
you must prevail upon him not to attempt the journey . he could never get through that country alive .
all right , go ahead ! we go on to the next plane . bring out any people that are left .
we saw it in the office . it went from this big ... to big ... in a day .
once -- just once -- i thought i 'd made the discovery of a lifetime ...
what if danny witwer came to you right now and insisted on a full chem run ?
i 'm sorry danny , but i 'll have to give you the full tour later on .
shall we call the attorney general ? i 'm sure he 'd be happy to clarify the issue for you .
of course i care about pinta . she 'll be as beautiful as her mother one day .
i just wan na thank you people again , because the situation was just becoming impossible .
stop acting like a colonel , henry . you know trapper wouldn 't sock him without a good reason .
i ... i 'm kevin . i 'm here to help you , d ... dave .
no disrespect , tommy , but why would mr. arnold rothstein wan na do business with bums like us ?
i 'm not sure she 'll come . she 's in a mood . do you ever go to somebody 's house ?
okay , let 's cut to the chase . he 's afraid of cats , what 's that about ?
well i wish you 'd do it sooner rather than later , before you ruin my career the way you 've ruined yours .
sure , okay , i 'll be there . now you just turn in and get some rest , sweetheart . please . deal ?
howard hunt ? ... jesus christ , you open up that scab ... and you uncover a lot of pus .
can 't we just talk here ? i 've got the police chiefs in san diego .
come on , man -- vietnam ain 't germany . it doesn 't threaten us . it 's a civil war between the vietnamese .
me ? oh , i didn 't have no plan . still don 't , really .
free ? we 're back where we started . shit we still don 't have a stop light .
cy ... cy ... oh shit man ... who did this to you . was it the pigs ?
me ? you 've got a whole lot of other folks signing up . why me ?
that 's why it was four years between you and thomas . it took me that long to regain her respect .
damn it , francis ! how in god 's name do you expect to gain independence without going to war ?
that 's what i think . i heard missy dandridge tell mom when church was fixed he wouldn 't cross the road so much .
my wife is not crazy about cemeteries of any kind . as you may have noticed .
hah . ten years you carried that pistol , and you end up wasting your shot .
jack gave hisself up for the sake of his loyal crew . he was marooned on an island , left there to die .
couple of cheeseburgers and two cherry cokes . if you need anything , i 'll be right over there .
don 't fight anymore ! it 's a free country , don 't fight anymore !
you 're the fuckin ' animal ! you ran around with every guy i knew while i was breakin ' my ass for you .
mrs. -- thorwald 's -- clothes . -- clean -- carefully packed -- not too stylish -- but presentable .
slinky 's in aisle five , twister 's in aisle one , moon mud 's in aisle four .
let 's get back on the road . it 's time to start talking , nick . time to start telling tales --
it 's all right with me if she teaches you , but i don 't want you forgettin ' your job .
it 's the best seat in the house . i warmed it up for you .
let 's say grace and pray that we have the strength to understand the terrible tragedies of the last few days .
mr. ward will see you in just a few minutes . won 't you wait , dr. judd ?
well , then i have spoiled your dinner -- `` your food won 't digest , and your wine will sour . ''
i have taken care of mary . i 've spoken to her . she 's going back to school .
maybe you 'll understand this , because you know john , but he confuses me sometimes .
i believe both of you now . and i think i might know how to make them go away .
you know , one day i 'm going to have to shut down that still of yours , jeremiah .
we can probably get some first aid and food at this gas station up here .
if i were you , sefton , i 'd eat that egg some place else . like for instance under the barrack .
now , you said the gravitational forces in this sector have been altered , could that also affect the course of the ribbon ?
i 've got the sick bay ready . will someone please tell me what is going on ?
their coil emissions are normal ... wait : their shields are going up . they 're locking phasers -- !
oh , the complete works of jacqueline susan , the novels of harold robbins ... .
i know what a hologram is , captain . the question is -- why would someone want to create one of our village ?
do you really think your mighty federation would be interested in protecting six hundred people ?
they may be trying to send a message to the other borg ... the borg in this time period ...
there you two are . i walked around for an hour with that stupid martini on my tray .
she stayed in the cab , what 's she gon na do ? but she stiffed me . a real skunk .
some fleet driver for bell just got cut up . just heard it on the radio .
besides , daddy 's still trying to figure out how to get his new television set working .
mrs. bundy , you don 't seem to understand . this young lady says there was an attack on the school .
at the end , he made me change my mind about a lot of things .
hi , i 'm out drinking champagne and roses ... and i 'm really happy . leave a message . beep .
jesus , mary , you got ta hear this -- some cop 's staking out this broad 's apartment .
i can 't believe this is happening . i 'm supposed to be meeting him in an hour .
we 're going to have to stop a ship eventually , show the quarantine 's got teeth , or we 'll prove mccone right .
-- an indian reservation is within the jurisdiction of the federal bureau of intimidation . i know that .
come on , come on ! it 's double or nothing.. we 're talking twelve bucks american , here .
hello , laura . hello sarah . where 's my axe ? `` i 'm hungry '' .
just an earthquake , dylan . every once in a while we get a few .
i 'd just soon have a paper bag rather than a plastic one , if it 's same to you .
i like what you 've done with it . when 's captain nemo moving in ?
don 't be proud , james . we 're in sewickley heights . we could find you a nice golf course to barf on .
right . anyway , i was wondering if i could borrow your car . mine 's sort of out of commission .
but maybe it 's not so healthy being so close , you know , to a school .
triple time sounds like a lotta money , bud . it ain 't . i 'm sorry ...
he can 't get to the door ... i think he 's going to try and take him himself .
promise that you won 't try to look for me ... you shouldn 't try to look for me any more ...
let 's get out of here , fast ... this is not a town , it 's a cemetery .
you won 't interfere with the basic rugged concept of my personality , will you , girl ?
well , look after him . i don 't want to find you 've lost him .
course he can talk . he 's a human being , like . isn 't he ?
dell , i want greater magnification . more surface detail . i want to see what this place looks like .
that 's the part that always makes me feel like i 'm gon na puke -- when we accelerate into light speed .
this is a daily paper , we 'll explain it tomorrow . you 're certain on mitchell ?
hey , you know , what can i say , i dig those cute little sweaters she wears .
we could go in tomorrow at dawn -- there 's always off-shore wind in the morning .
i have been sitting on a contract from cleveland for six days because of you .
inspirations a fickle thing , you don 't realise you had it till it 's gone .
tomorrow , we will bring some lights and also hang some fabric . i think it will be finished in the morning .
yes , that 's my name . who are you , young man ? are you supposed to be here ?
and there 's a two-hundred-dollar deductible we have to eat on that crack in her windshield .
uh huhh ... band practice ? it 's benny . he wants to know why you 're not at band practice ... ?
excuse me , sir . commissioner gordon was compelled to leave - -very unexpectedly . he asked me to convey his regrets .
all presences have a home space . a place where they live , so to speak . where do they hide out ?
come on , eve . let 's let the men talk , there are so many people that have been asking about you .
well , enjoy , and perhaps we 'll see you again some time , dude .
i figure it 's easy money , it 's all pretty harmless . i mean she probably kidnapped herself .
who gives a shit , walter ? what about that poor woman ? what do we tell --
this is our world you 're entering . you may see things -- feeding . just remember why you 're here .
you let him go -- an hour ago you were ready to kill a man for less , this one didn 't even talk .
and that fbi agent , trout ? when he had to get on his knees to put my boots on ? you said ...
caesar , i 'm serious . this is too much . i have to get out of here .
i found it . it took six calls . i found kane . i found the body .
oh god ! i think i 've broken a bone . what a pathetic thing i am .
no , not at all . i mean , it 's all right . it 's fixed .
tom , where are the band-aids ? this is an ambulance , isn 't it ?
aaah -- -- ello . you sure they said the management meeting ? they want me to be at the management meeting .
god , where the hell did you come from ? you scared me to death .
ooh , another embarrassment for the teabag , while the chosen one is still well under par .
five hours . we both just know . do you think i deserve to wear white ?
especially at the casino , where he definitely did not work , people got the message .
excuse me , but i folded these things beautifully and i would appreciate a little respect . jesus christ !
i heard what you said , spooky . i can 't believe he shot you ...
some reporter i am..all this time my story is right there in front..i have a lot of questions .
have some , please . i 've got ... ... liverwurst -- liverwurst -- chicken and -- liverwurst .
you don 't wanta make any promises , mr. kane , you don 't wanta keep .
charles , if you don 't listen to reason , it may be too late -
that 's stretching it . you 're not being asked to slay children or anything .
you 're dante hicks ? oh my god ! i didn 't even recognize you !
oh , my god ! i can 't recognize the face , but the butt does look vaguely familiar .
why didn 't you tell me we had company ? and what 's your name ?
mind if i time you ? what do i get if you 're wrong ? a free ride ?
flip . you 're the closest thing i got to a friend around here . tell me something . you think i 'm crazy ?
tell him i 'm on vacation . that i won 't be back for two weeks .
what the fuck was all that about at the hotel last night ? i thought we had a deal ?
i would like to thank you for your hospitality . if you are ever in paris here is my number .
she 'll do nothing of the kind ! she 's going to church with me , right away !
wow ! it 's a half-boy , half-horse . the boys walk up to him , impressed .
that 's not bad . how about a float of george washington crossing the delaware ?
pain by nerve induction ... a human can resist any pain . our test is crisis and observation .
eddie , i 'm just a small-town girl . i 've never done this before .
i told you ! i told you ! you 're going to pay for my banner !
you have the right to remain silent . but anything you say may be taken down in evidence and used against you --
you know , my brother and i have been playing together , gosh , i don 't know . jack ?
you 're both in custody until there 's a dna fingerprinting and we can prove who 's who . now put the gun down .
okay , jack . nice doing business with you ... cash is about to take off ...
good thing it ain 't workin ... reed , what are we doing here ? this guy 's fast-food , strip-mall science --
but we just can 't leave him in there ! what 'll happen to him ?
captain , how will you be able to follow my charts -- -- from up there ?
shut the fuck up or i 'll throw you back in the trunk , you know .
good to see ya again , jerry . if these numbers are right , this looks pretty sweet .
i don 't understand . why does a weak person have to go out and find a strong person ... to hang onto ?
what 's the chance of finding a nice mature guy once we get to daytona ?
this clown almost blew mission security on the street . i 'm not jumping with him .
so , edwin , baby , this is sunrise confession time ... what have you got for us ?
um ... i 've got to run . i 've bee doing this all day . are you going to be all right ?
you go back to that goddamn beach , i swear to god i 'll make you regret it .
we had a slight misunderstanding with that motorcycle gang ... ... but shelly made them see the error of their ways .
will you hurry up ! i got ta get this fuckmobile back before horace finds out i took it .
maybe . at least i got to him . where do we go from here ?
i don 't mean to be a prick , but that 's how i feel .
he looks plenty big . you won 't need my help if anything goes flooey .
okay . all our ladies should be home now , tucked in bed . let 's keep chilly . think slow . any questions ?
i want two eggs poached , hash brown well-done . english muffin for the bread . and a coffee .
they 're already all settled in , frank . anyway , i 'm sure annie wants her privacy .
oh , that was a wonderful show . i think that 's the best show you two ever wrote .
i mean , i don 't know , he 's seeing someone else or something , but ...
that was my first game of strip croquet , you know . i thank you .
uh , no . but i , uh , wonder if you could up support ... support a program to help the needy and ...
swiped your purse ! while he was saving you ? you got ta be kidding !
i haven 't won it yet . i notice you 've got me scheduled on a flight back an hour after the ceremony .
i 'm sorr -- goddamn mario brothers . goddamn gates . goddamn rutherford auction house . by the way , how many seconds ?
come on , pierre , steak-bur-ger , fren-n-ch fries . this is france , you got ta have french ... ..
john ? .. you never said that on the phone ? .. what makes you think his name was john ?
after what you 've seen today , you really think your son could be alive ?
they couldnt climb up , so they were trying to get us to come down .
they 'll never make it . i mean , they can 't manage when the cable goes out .
trespassing , sabotage -- you could go to jail just for being here , did you know that ?
do you need a police escort , starling ? or do you think you can find the airport by yourself ?
i don 't know . i didn 't see those on any of the other girls ...
so the huron are the servants of the french ? to do what the french are shamed to do ?
i guess i figured if i was in their shoes that 's what i would 've done .
where the fuck are they going ? to butcher a sheep ? i thought this was a robbery .
stanley if you don 't fuckin ' stand up and go over there i 'm gon na beat your ass --
that must be raoul ! raoul ! look , d'artagnan 's come to visit ... ! what 's wrong ? you look awful !
the world thinks andy kaufman sucks . so i was just giving 'em what they want ...
my wife 's death . i used to work in insurance , we were well covered .
there is one thing you can do for me in recognition of the death- defying risks we took to recover your product ...
what am i supposed to do after i get my nails and hair done ... ?
you ain 't got a chance in hell . you need threads and glitter , baby . a front , hey ?
you were the one who ran around with ice in his underwear , don 't forget that .
okay , meet me out front . i got ta go . josh 's picking me up in five . see you tonight .
evolution doesn 't work that fast . something pushed that thing to take the leap . we need to find another specimen .
the order of seating at the upper servant 's table is arranged personally by the queen herself .
he has a phone pole sticking in his chest , i think we don 't need an autopsy .
how do you know you can touch that plug ? are you a licensed contractor ?
it 's my dad . he worries . hi , dad . i miss you too .
do you mind me not saying -- it 's a rather distressing disease and the name of the hospital rather gives it away .
so what 's that mean ? that you 're disappointed by what you found or you 're sorry you robbed all those banks ?
yeah , someone spotted two of 'em in this hobo camp out by the airport , called the number --
when i was young i thought cats were the girls and dogs were the boys .
no juice , looks like it 's been laid up for years . but we might be able to adapt --
amazing how you can do without the essentials of life -- so long as you have the luxuries .
he 'll be looking for the trip wires . if we 're lucky , he won 't see this .
aren 't you going to take the pills ? they 'll knock that headache out .
hasn 't he got enough problems , or didn 't you notice that 's not cream soda on his breath ?
what do you want ? i 'm clean . i been clean a long time .
this much powder you don 't throw in the trunk with a blanket over it . it 's got to be smuggled .
i see . so this wasn 't simply a chance meeting . you came here with a purpose .
because if they had she 'd be gone along with the package , instead of sitting here with us .
all right hold on ! lem me think ... shit , did you touch the car ?
is that what i did to you ? is that what happened ? did i just not see you ?
i 've been making friends with your cat . is it okay that i 'm here ?
this is a complete disaster . i wanted him to find a wife , but he 's got the wrong one --
so they had a little taste of what its like to be a woman ... and they run away .
reiben , how many time i got to tell you , i 'm from tennessee .
i know about bracketing . i read about it . the next one is going to land right on us .
hey , i know this is a strange thing to say , but maybe diane court really likes lloyd .
i couldnt believe you didnt recognize me . you even interviewed me for your book .
that 's fine mr. rielly , but if anyone else should die , i 'm going to have to get a warrant .
tell that to cotton weary . you wouldn 't believe how easy it was to frame him .
i wan na see jamie lee 's breasts . when do we see jamie lee 's breasts ?
hey , sid . just think if they make a movie about you . who 's gon na play you ?
there 's that sense of humor . i knew it still existed . ohh , sid , let 's have some fun tonight .
killed every one -- an ' not for food either ... why 'd they do a thing like that ?
my name 's edwards ... i 'm looking for my niece ... she was in that camp when you attacked ...
now i said i had something for you , as i believe you will recall .
i thought i heard voices - and i just had to talk to somebody . i don 't feel like going to sleep .
you know , they say you can tell everything you need to know about a person from the way they act when theyre naked .
look . we 're talking about life and death here . i don 't know why we 're even having this conversation .
your pop said to put these on his tab . sid gets up and jerks his thumb towards the door .
oh sure . let everyone in . from now on i leave the door wide open . let the parade begin !
these aren 't half bad , fletcher . you might have a second career coming .
i noticed you were having some problems , blue five ... i thought i 'd help .
it 's amazing , us running into each other like this . maybe it 's fate .
we 're outa here . lieutenant , get your men into the skimmers . this real estate 's about to go buggy .
rico , tell'em to glass this goddam planet . i 've never seen so many bugs upstairs at the same time ...
i have an appointment this after- noon . i need someone to take them to the park .
mom , it 's not fair if brady can say the f-word and i can 't .
if you reach for the stars , you 're bound to get -- mm-jack , pull over .
look , maybe i can watch a pg movie ... i 'll just say i 'm counting dirty words for sunday school .
hiya , sweet thing . little guy 's getting ' hassled , huh ? kent , you still here ?
you ! activate circuits 29 through w7 and start full power coordinates on exterior defensive systems :
that 's what i want to know ! by whom ? whom ? ? ? ?
and she -- the one you have chosen -- she feels as much for you ?
here 's the story on that east 19th street murder spree . page one with a banner headline seems about right to me .
you 're already dead , silberman . everybody here dies . you know i believe that . so don 't fuck with me !
no , i was never a nazi , i have no interest in politics , i 'm a musician -
i only mention it because i took the test this afternoon , down on montgomery street .
all the time i 've known you , you 've never once asked about him .
i 've lived in l.a. all my life , i 've never done this drive .
it 's been five minutes and i 'm packing to leave again . i can 't believe this .
what if he wasn 't like this ? what if he was `` normal ? '' conscious . how far would you go ?
but , danny , if hashem is everything , and we are nothing how are we to judge his actions ?
danny , listen , people expect me to daven ; they don 't want someone they don 't know -- leading their prayers .
im sorry but mr gluck is not answering , sir . would you like to leave a message ?
it is the sacred place that matters , charles -- not the size . am i correct , bishop ?
it is for us to determine whether you are a good christian , not you .
no , no , no , i 'm staying put . if i 'm going to die , i prefer to die at home .
we can head back for our lines , and they don 't even have to know about the gold .
well , this is it . we get the car , find some americans . we find americans we 'll be all right .
the longer the air force hits the iraqis , the safer it'ii be for us when we have to engage .
this one has eyes . why did they leave your eyes ? could you ever ... .
i believe you are blushing , mr. big artiste . i can 't imagine monsieur monet blushing .
thought you might need me -- don 't talk , kid , and don 't let him scare you --
i calculate that 's the end of this town . and let 's don 't bother about the luggage , darling .
by the way - what is it that brings you to kuala lumpur , mister bond ?
hocker 's death almost caused a race riot . a lot of innocent people could have been hurt behind that .
i need you to talk to dana . the vice principle called and she cut class again this afternoon .
look , i know you 're upset . i 'm really sorry , honey . i raced home as quick --
... you should have seen your father , standing there all covered with spaghetti sauce . he looked like such a dope .
look , i don 't know this is pretty heavy-duty , so if you wan na explode , feel free .
john , what a surprise . i expected to be seeing you , not talking to you over the phone .
we 're going to prevent any substantial atrophy of your good leg with this . it works the quadriceps .
it 's okay ... it 's okay baby . cry for mama . cry for mama .
i need to know what snapped in you . what made you capable of it . you have to make me understand .
rowan and i will be together now . my time has come . your time is gone .
we can 't accept it . it 's much too expensive . right , dear ?