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Architecture Katas ideas

Please see to get how it works. Feel free to comment or elaborate on these!


- I have three teams: data, content, and emailing.
- the data people create some awesome reportings
- the content people create beautiful email/web/print templates
- I want to plug an abstract report to a data source
- then have the emailing guys batch-print and send all this

Boardgames' lobby

- I want to play board games on the Web
- I'd like the usual "Social Networking" stuff: profile, friends, messages
- Also the usual "gamification": scores, leaderboards, achievements
- We'll add new games to the platform so have a clean, stable, extensible API
- I can set private rooms and tournaments with custom rules with my friends
- the public lobby will match people of similar skill level and play habits

Strategy game

- I love Heroes of Might and Magic II, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars
- please make a mix of all this on the Web

Airport certifications

- There are certifications per airport, aircraft type, aircraft...
- Make me a correct bookkeeping and matching software