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An HTML5 WordPress theme employing the Fluid Skinning System and UIO -- ... And the solution is inclusion

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FSSFive WordPress Theme Read Me...


FSSFive is a clean, simple and accessible WordPress blogging theme, employing components of The Fluid Project's <> Infusion framework, the Fluid Skinning System (FSS) and User Interface Options (uiOptions). FSSFive is also HTML5-based. 

This is, or it is my hope that one day it very much will be, a solid a starting point. Granted much of what FSSFive uses to function as an accessible platform, mainly FSS and uiOptions, are still being developed. This will become ever more stable as time goes on. Both the work of the Fluid Project as well as my own, especially. Not by any stretch of your imagination is it finished -- meaning there are more neat and exciting things yet to come. But, like most of everything on the web, it’s a work in progress.

FSSFive employs a lot of the standard WordPress elements, id's and classes. It also has the publishing requirements that adhere to the hNews Microformat.

FSSFive's Strength's

1. As stated above, HTML5 and hNews Microformat compatible. 
2. Comments are functioning/looking properly and are threaded. 
3. Added an fSS5 name space to specify custom styles to "sandbox" generic styles.
4. A selected build of Modernizr <> is running on FSSFive.
5. Plenty, but not all, regular id and class hooks throughout the theme to allow for predictable and additional WordPress customization.
6. FSSFive is progressively enhanced as not to shut out users of less capable browsers (read: IE7 & 8, ideally). Especially with respect to layout -- meaning browsers that do not support media queries the layout stays rooted in the mark-up order (nothing is floated). And everything is layered on top of this simplified base.
7. FSSFive is s till very much under development. Please direct any concerns, suggestions and issues you may be experiencing to FSSFive developer; Or here, my Github repo. Thanks.

FSSFive's Weakness' (which, as I said above, will continue to be addressed and improved)

1. No current page indication in the main navigation menu.
2. And a few smaller issues.
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