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How to create a new account

If you do not have a user account, you can create a new one by going to PROFILE > Account and clicking on Create a new account button.

After clicking on the Create a new account button, two forms are displayed:

  • The first form asks you to check if there is already an unused account that a teacher or administrator might have created for you. For this you just have to enter your ID (identity number/DNI/cédula/passport...).

    • If there are unused accounts with that ID, a list is displayed including the names of the users and the courses in which they are enrolled. If you think you are one of the users listed, click on the button It's me! and you will use that account immediately (you will then be required to set a password and other data for your account.).
    • If no account has been created for that ID and you have some other ID, please check if there is an unused account for that other ID.
  • The second form allows you to create a new account, once you have checked on the first form that there is no unused account created for you. To create the new account, you have to fill in these three data:

    • Nickname: Example: @smith
    • E-mail: Example:
    • Password: 8 or more characters

    and then click on the Create account button.