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This file is to help you configure, build and install Gource for your system.
1. Dependencies
2. Building
3. Configure Options
1. Dependencies
Gource requires the following libraries to compile (package names may vary):
SDL 2.0 (libsdl2-dev)
SDL Image 2.0 (libsdl2-image-dev)
PCRE (libpcre3-dev)
Freetype 2 (libfreetype6-dev)
GLEW (libglew-dev)
GLM >= 0.9.3 (libglm-dev)
Boost Filesystem >= 1.46 (libboost-filesystem-dev)
PNG >= 1.2 (libpng12-dev)
TinyXML (libtinyxml-dev)
SDL Image 2.0 needs to have been built with support PNG and JPEG images.
2. Building
Gource requires a GNU compatible C++ compiler that supports c++0x features such as 'auto' and the new 'for' loop syntax.
GCC 4.6+ or Clang recommended.
If you got the source directly from the Gource.git repository, you will first
need to run which will generate the configure script and
initialize and update the submodules.
Generic build instructions for Linux/Mac OS:
make install
Building on Windows:
On Windows compile with Qt Creator.
A pre-built version for Windows is normally available from the homepage.
Gource expects SDL to have been built with the NO_STDIO_REDIRECT flag.
3. Configure Options
By default Gource will install some GNU FreeFont TTF Fonts on your system.
If you already have these fonts, you can configure Gource to use them with:
./configure --enable-ttf-font-dir=/path/to/freefont/
Gource includes a copy of TinyXML. To build against the system version of the
library use:
./configure --with-tinyxml