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SocialActions API
Deployment notes:
There is currently no automated deployment, i.e. capistrano. In order to deploy
a new release, use the following steps:
# Install the new source in a datecoded directory
$ mkdir YYMMDD (replace with datecode)
# Extract tar and/or checkout from git
# Copy config files into new release
$ cp ../current/config/database.yml config
$ cp ../current/config/application.yml config
# Take down previous version (note this is not a very friendly site take-down,
would be a good idea to use a "under maintenance redirect")
$ cd ../current
$ RAILS_ENV=produciton rake sunspot:solr:stop
$ cd ..
$ rm -f current
# Bring up new version
$ RAILS_ENV=produciton rake sunspot:solr:start
$ cd ..
$ ln -s YYMMDD current
$ sudo apachectl graceful