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Welcome to the Jadex Active Components Documentation

To quickly get an overview about what Jadex Active Components is about you can have a look at the Getting Started Guide, which explains the core concepts. The Quickstart Tutorial guides you through developing your first application with Jadex Active Components. The BDI Quickstart Tutorial introduces you to the Beliefs-Desire-Intention Agents and their concepts.

For more detailed information about how Jadex Active Components work, we recommend to check out the Jadex Active Components User Guide* in the Advanced Guides section.

To see some example programs in action, you can try out some of the online Java Webstart applications or the web applications.

For API Documentation of Jadex Active Components please visit the Javadocs page.

Note on documentation requiring updates: Some of the documentation pages, marked with a *, are yet to be updated to the latest version of Jadex. The documentation is still mostly valid and the explanations still apply, though some details such as annotation names, methods or oeth API details may have changed. When in doubt, check the example sources in the applications modules available on GitHub, e.g. for Micro and BDI agents.

User Guide


Advanced Guides