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A package to re-write python scripts to emoji and run emojipython files & code. This is so ridiculous, don't use it.

PyConUK 2016 Lightning talk video

To load into iPython:

%reload_ext ipython_hook

Converting python to Emoji:

snake.python_to_emoji.python_to_emoji([input file name]) can be called to convert python into emojipython

Converting from Emoji to Python:

snake.emoji_to_python.emoji_to_python([input file name]) returns valid Python code which can then be evaled or written to a files.

snake.write_emoji_to_python([input file name], [output file name]) writes the output to the file directly.


  • 🌸: @Samathy_Barratt
  • 🐻: @stevenewey
  • 🎹: @Ducksual
  • 🃏: @Adam_Obeng