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Go Go report


Hi! Here's a pastebin that runs on Google App Engine anywhere!


  • A working Go environment, preferably >go1.11
  • An account with a PostgreSQL server with credentials noted in keys.yaml
  • Access to a Redis instance without password
  • An account with the Google reCAPTCHA project with site key and secret key noted in keys.yaml
  • An account with Google Cloud Platform with Google Drive API (v3) enabled, credentials in keys.yaml
  • An account with Cloudflare with an API Token scoped for Zone.Cache Purge, credentials in keys.yaml

How to use

  • Get the package and its dependencies with go get
  • cd $GOPATH/src/, go run .
  • Point your brower to http://localhost:2019/
  • Sample deployment stuffs are available in confs/

Building with Docker

Use the following command to build with the latest version of Go:

  • cd <path to repository>
  • docker run --rm -v $PWD:/go/src/ -w /go/src/ -v $GOPATH:/go -e "CGO_ENABLED=0" golang:latest go build -v -ldflags "-s -w" .

And keys.yaml to change the CSRFAuthKey and EncryptionK as well!

P.S.: This used to run on Google App Engine and there's probably a bunch of stuff about it that still lingers on. I'll eventually clean it up 😮