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OverlayFS Linux kernel patches

Note, I am NOT a developer for the OverlayFS at all. But I desire to use
OverlayFS and required kernel patches to apply to my kernel sources.

The official OverlayFS sources are at

I was unable to find any patches to apply OverlayFS to an existing kernel
source tree. It appears that OverlayFS is developed as branches in a git
repo of the entire Linux kernel source tree. I extracted patches for each
of the OverlayFS versions as per this procedure.

Linux 3.12-rc2   overlayfs.v20
Linux 3.11-rc2   overlayfs.v19
Linux 3.10-rc7   overlayfs.v18
Linux 3.9-rc2    overlayfs.v17
Linux 3.9-rc2    overlayfs.v16
Linux 3.6-rc4    overlayfs.v15
Linux 3.6-rc1    overlayfs.v14
Linux 3.4-rc7    overlayfs.v13

I was unable to create patches for overlayfs.v11 and overlayfs.v12.