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File layout

FileName Info
_include.html Contents are injected into the head of the html page. All script includes (or other external dependencies) should go here
$app/main.js The main entry point into the app. The AdmoApp.MainCtrl is the primary function (similar to the main method in Java). This is executed on app start up
cms/ Folder is used to superimpose content data in the app. pod/current + pod/overridecontain the content that is actually served
components/ Location of all the components this app uses
styles/main.scss/ Main scss entry point for the application. Components folder is included in default include path. eg @import "two-menu/two-menu.scss";


Contents should be simple include tags, although anything could injected in. Resources should ideally be local, but in the case of an external dependency, e.g. Google's APIs, you can include them here.

<!-- Put your custom js/css includes in here -->
<script src="appname/scripts/raphael-min.js"></script>
<script src="appname/scripts/tween-min.js"></script>



Components are self contained folders that are composed of sass, Javascript and Html.

FileName Info
$component.js Component's logic and event handlers
$component.scss Styling for a component defines how it should look, and exposes public variables such as colours and images
$component.tpl HTML mark up

Components should never reference any other component it did not directly create. To do this Components should expose an variable/function for explicitly linking them together.


var menu = Component.create({
    linkedComponent: menuItem,
    //Called when a menu item is selected
    callback: function(selection){ 

Subcomponents are components embeded in side another component, e.g. MenuItems on a Menu. They can be accessed via the this.addComponent function


Screens are a collection of Components that should be displayed together. There is obviously a fine line between where one screen ends and another starts but this is up to the coder.

Once a screen is switched using AdmoApp.setScreen($screen) function, all components currently visible will call .hidden() after which they are removed from the dom.


These are an extension of a screen except theyare maintained across screens; hence they are never removed E.g. VideoFeed Silhouette

Sample layout

<div id="app">
  <div id="global-components"></div>
  <div id="screen" class="carousel-screen"></div>
Event handlers
  • AdmoApp.stateChanged
  • AdmoApp.swipeGesture
  • AdmoApp.imageFrame