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Alignment differences in Light vs ExtraLight #10

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The variants Light and ExtraLight have different alignment in some if the glyphs, most notable those for 'r' and 'f'. I think the ones in ExtraLight look more correct.

I noticed the differences while trying the font in a .c file I opened in Windows XP's Notepad.

EDIT: The differences become even more obvious if you write some text in MS Word and, with the fonts drop-down opened, hover over the different fonts, causing MS Word to preview the font.


Please be more specific about what kind of alignment are you referring to. A screenshot will help. Thanks.


I used a Lorem Ipsum generator to make up some words. I put then on MS Word 2007, 100% zoom level, on default DPI settings. Pasted two copies of them, one using SCP Light and one using SCP ExtraLight.

This is the text, with guides to compare the alignment of some of the characters:

side by side

This is the same, but zoomed and only including the words with and 'f' and an 'r':


Finally, this is an animated GIF, switching between the two variants:


The 'r' is one pixel off to the right on ExtraLight, while the f is one pixel off to the right on Light.


If you are using the ExtraLight OTF fonts in MS Word, you are likely to be getting some ‘smearing’ as it does not support fonts with weight values below 250. This will probably partially explain what you are seeing. Beyond that, the fonts aren't really designed to align in this manner as the intermediate weights are interpolated between the ExtraLight and Black styles and will likely result in some of the stem shifting from weight to weight that you are noticing.

@pauldhunt pauldhunt closed this

In addition to what Paul said, you're likely to see different sets of unaligned letters if you use the fonts at other sizes. If you care about this type of alignment you'll have to make the modifications on your own fork.

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