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Plugin and clients for remotely operating irssi.
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Irssi Remote Client (IRC)

Script and clients for remotely operating Irssi.

The script is a HTTP server running inside Irssi and listens for commands. Most of the internal complexity of Irssi is hidden by the script, and the functionality is exposed via a simplified interface.

The clients can be anything with an internet connection and talks HTTP. Currently there is only an JavaScript HTML5 application that exposes a chat interface.


  1. Install script and dependencies (for more information check the script readme):
  • cpan Try::Tiny JSON::RPC::Common Digest::SHA
  • curl -o ~/.irssi/scripts/
  1. Load script (in Irssi):
  • /script load remote-client
  • /set remote_client_password $YOUR_PASSWORD
  • /set remote_client_port $YOUR_PORT

Known issues

  • Irssi script doesn't have much error handling, might crash randomly
  • Limited functionality
  • Non-ASCII characters don't render in client
  • Long lines and topics break layout flow

Future improvements

  • JSON-RPC support on WebSocket
  • More command functionality
  • Topics
  • Channels
  • Queries
  • Hilights
  • ...
  • Reconnection, pings, fault tolerance
  • Code cleanup

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