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IDE Configs for JBoss

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JBoss Community IDE Configuration Files

The directories below contain instructions, and IDE configuration files for eclipse, IDEA, and NetBeans. See below for additional information.

IDE Agnostic Conventions

Formatting Java Files

  • JavaDoc parameter information is on the same line, not indented
  • Line length is 128 characters
  • Spaces are used instead of tabs
  • Indentation size is 4
  • Switch blocks are indented

Formatting Other Files

  • Line length is 128 characters
  • Spaces are used instead of tabs
  • Indentation size is 4

Additional Coding Conventions and Information

Project License The AeroGear project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Source Code Copyright Headers All new and modified files in AeroGear source control should use the copyright, and license headers as described in the wiki page AeroGear Licensing And Copyright.

The Eclipse Java, JavaScript, and CSS template files should include the correct new file templates with this header. However it is important to verify this, and adjust with other IDE's.

Projects following these conventions

If your JBoss project follows these conventions, fork and edit this file and add your project.

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