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Name: Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron

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Every time I read the sentence, "Send us your folio," I know I'm about to be vetted on inside-the-box grounds. How can one assess, based on wireframes, things like:

  1. How well I listen and gauge problems in teams and with clients
  2. How I think about and approach problem solving
  3. The chemistry between the existing team, the company, and me

The uncomfortable answer is one can't. Further, the artifacts I create for previous clients and companies are often subjected to NDA, which I prefer to respect by showing you my work in person-- when we meet, and talk, so you can actually have a shot at assessing the above 3 points.

In a nutshell:

  1. I draw on my background in teaching and learning blended with improv acting and international relations to practice listening. I created a concept called inpathy, which is an introspection/empathy feedback loop, to ensure that I stay in close touch with what teams and clients are really saying when they communicate. I can often articulate what people need when they have trouble, and then we get on the path to a solution much faster.
  2. Problem solving must be holistic. I believe a UX practitioner should bring their whole self to work in terms of their whole body of knowledge -- what have they learned in other contexts that can help them solve the problem in front of them today?
  3. Intuition and gut feel are important. These aren't culture fit. I've played that game in San Francisco. But how I communicate, how you communicate, and whether we believe in what we are working toward together play a role in how our chemistry will manifest. We have to meet each other to see how that goes.

I know screening candidates requires some scalable solutions, like having a folio to look at, so this file in this repo exists to provide you with clues. You can:

  1. See what I've been up to via the links above
  2. Get to know my UX philosophy
  3. Decide if you are confident enough to ask for specific artifacts and a coffee together. :)
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