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Future Work

agnes is currently at a very early stage, and many improvements and enhancements are planned / under development.

Some currently planned features / changes (not a complete list) are:

  • Splitting CSV loading code into separate crate and improve documentation so it can be used as an example of a source adapter (for future source type development).
  • Additional source types:
    • Structed text data (XML, JSON, etc.)
    • Serialization formats (Protobuf, BSON, HDF5)
    • Databases
  • Additional documentation and examples.
  • Interface with matrix / machine learning libraries (matrix, tensorflow, etc.)
  • Data visualization through rhubarb.
  • Hash joins (currently only uses sort-merge joins)
  • Outer joins
  • Replacement of partial functions with specializations once specializations stabilize.
  • Expanded test suite.
  • Move compile failure tests into doc tests (using compile_fail attribute).