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Credits: ahezard, Gericom, Apache Thunder, Robz8, _catcatcat, and shutterbug2000.

Important: For nds-bootstrap to work, make sure your SD card is formatted to FAT32 with 32kb cluster/allocation size.


  • SDK3-5 games (except for some SDK4 games) do not save to SD card yet. (SDK version can be checked by pressing SELECT on the game in DSiMenu++.)
    3DS/DSi CFW users: You'll need a donor cart (not ROM) inserted, and it should contain the same save type as the game you're running. Make sure to backup your save data on it first.


  • Download the .7z file for what console you're using, then extract what's in the .7z file, to the _nds folder.

What's new?

  • Cheat support added!
    DSiMenu++ will place the cheat code (Action Replay type) in the nds-bootstrap.ini file, if there's a cheat.xml file in sd:/_nds.
  • A donor ROM is no longer needed!


  • @profi200's SDMMC code from fastboot3DS is now used. As a result, load times are slightly improved.

Bug fixes

  • Using the Quick-start ROM option in DSiMenu++ causes touch input to not work. This bug has been fixed, as touch input now works with the option enabled.
  • Fixed async prefetching trying to read outside of the ROM file. (Fixes Newer Super Mario Bros. (NSMB ROM hack) from crashing into the blue screen)
  • Some game compatibility have been fixed, after removing donor ROM feature.


  • As donor ROM support has been removed, SDK3-4 (alongside SDK5) games will now need a donor cart with matching save type, in the DS card slot.
    Some SDK4 games, such as Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and the MegaMan StarForce games (2 & 3) will still save to SD card though.