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; Excel_Get by jethrow (modified)
; Forum:
; Github:
Excel_Get(WinTitle:="ahk_class XLMAIN", Excel7#:=1) {
static h := DllCall("LoadLibrary", "Str", "oleacc", "Ptr")
WinGetClass, WinClass, %WinTitle%
if !(WinClass == "XLMAIN")
return "Window class mismatch."
ControlGet, hwnd, hwnd,, Excel7%Excel7#%, %WinTitle%
if (ErrorLevel)
return "Error accessing the control hWnd."
VarSetCapacity(IID_IDispatch, 16)
NumPut(0x46000000000000C0, NumPut(0x0000000000020400, IID_IDispatch, "Int64"), "Int64")
if DllCall("oleacc\AccessibleObjectFromWindow", "Ptr", hWnd, "UInt", -16, "Ptr", &IID_IDispatch, "Ptr*", pacc) != 0
return "Error calling AccessibleObjectFromWindow."
window := ComObject(9, pacc, 1)
if ComObjType(window) != 9
return "Error wrapping the window object."
try return window.Application
catch e
if SubStr(e.message, 1, 10) = "0x80010001"
ControlSend, Excel7%Excel7#%, {Esc}, %WinTitle%
return "Error accessing the application object."
; References
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