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Elixir's OneSky API client
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Elixir's OneSky API client.

Documentation can be found here.


Add the following to your mix.exs file

def deps do
    {:onesky, "~> 1.0.1"}

And run mix deps.get


config :onesky,
  api_key: "YOUR_API_KEY",
  api_secret: "YOUR_API_SECRET"



  • Project Group
    • LIST all project groups
    • SHOW project group details
    • CREATE a new project group
    • DELETE a project group
    • list enabled LANGUAGES
  • Project
    • LIST projects of a project group
    • SHOW project details
    • CREATE a new project
    • UPDATE a project
    • DELETE a project
    • list LANGUAGES of a project
  • Project Type
    • LIST all project types


  • File
    • LIST uploaded files
    • UPLOAD a file
    • DELETE a file
  • Translation
    • EXPORT translations in files
    • export translations in MULTILINGUAL files
    • export translations of APP STORE Description
    • GET translation status
  • Import Task
    • LIST import tasks
    • SHOW import task
  • Screenshot
    • UPLOAD screenshots


  • Quotation
    • SHOW a quotation
  • Order
    • LIST all orders
    • SHOW order details
    • CREATE an order


  • Locale
    • LIST all locales


Please feel free to fork and send us a PR or open up an issue.

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