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Posting a feature request?

Unless it's totally obvious, it's always good to explain your user case and why the requested feature is needed. Features with good reasoning are much more likely to get implemented.

Making a pull request?

All pull requests should be submitted to the develop branch.

Reporting a bug?

If the issue can't be reproduced, try to describe that what happened before the crash/issue occurred.

If the issue can be reproduced, you may also want to try the development version to see if it has been fixed already.

Compiling issues

Attach the full console output cmake and make (no cmake log files). Mention the currently used operating system (with version included).

Communication issues between the UI and the application

You should first check that the application daemon hasn't crashed or freezed, and if yes, follow the respective instructions instead.

Information to post:

  • Console log from the browser (see the next section)
  • Possible errors from the daemon console window. You may also start the daemon with --cdm-web option to get full web access logs.

UI-related issues

If the UI behaves incorrectly, you should open the console of your web browser (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome and Firefox) and check if there are any errors. It's even better if you manage to reproduce the issue while the console is open, as it will give more specific error messages. Include the errors in your bug report.

Other useful information:

  • Browser version and information whether the issue happens with other browser as well
  • Screenshots or video about the issue

Application crashes

Include all text from the generated crash log to your bug report. The log is located at /home/<username>/.airdc++/exceptioninfo.txt.

If you see the message Stacktrace is not available, attach debugger to the running process by following the instructions for Application freezes/deadlocks below (don't quit the application before that!).

Application freezes/deadlocks

If there is no crash message printed in the console, you should first confirm that the client has really frozen and the issue isn't in the UI (try opening the UI in a new tab).

You must have the gdb package installed before running the following commands. When using a portable build, you will also need to have the debugging symbols in place (see the section Crashes/freezes with portable builds below for more information). If you get an error Could not attach to process when trying to attach to process, you must start gdb as root instead.

Run the following commands while the application is in a frozen/crashed state:

$ pgrep airdcppd
attach [number]
thread apply all bt full

Don't press q after the first page of text is shown as there is a lot more to come. Save the full output to a file and attach it to your bug report.

Crashes/freezes with portable builds

When using a portable build, you will also need to download the matching debugging symbols for the version that you are using. Debugging symbols are provided starting from application version 2.3.1.

Download links:

Extract the content of the symbol package to the directory where the airdcppd executable is located before launching the debugger.

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