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Reel in your crazy wild fish configurations into this community supported fish script system.


Clone this repo somewhere. A good place to put it might be in ~/.config/fish/hook.

⇒  git clone ~/.config/fish/hook

Then, source the file from the root of the repo. The relevant line of fish script is:

. path/to/hook/

One liner:

⇒  echo `. ~/.config/fish/hook/` >> ~/.config/fish/

Next, Enable the hooks you want to use! Do this by calling the fish_hook_enable function with the name of the hooks you which to enable in your

fish_hook_enable rake rbenv autojump

To see the list of all available hooks, use the fish_hook_list_available_hooks function in a fish shell with hook installed:

⇒  fish_hook_list_available_hooks

A one liner to enable all hooks:

echo `fish_hook_enable (fish_hook_list_available_hooks)` >> ~/.config/fish/

Adding new hooks

A hook is just a folder in the root of the hook project with a functions folder and or a completions folder, which follow the same conventions as the functions and completions folder of a vanilla fish setup. That is, files in functions should define one function with exactly the same name as the file itself, and files in the completions folder should call complete a bunch of times for the command with the exact same name as the file.

To get me to add a hook, just make a pull request :)

How it works

hook just adds your hook's functions and completions folder to fish's handy $fish_functions_path and $fish_completions_path special path variables. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Included hooks


Adds the j function and completions which the autojump library adds stuff for for both zsh and bash, but not for fish. Also hooks in to watch what directories you cd into and update autojump's database.


Automatically includes homebrew's included fish completions if they exist.


Right now, just adds an err_echo function, which echos to stderr. Handy for debugging fish scripts and completions.


Adds in a slimmer, less correct version of the __git_ps1 function included in git's built in bash completions.


Adds completions for the dastardly hard-to-remember ln syntax.


Adds completions for the available rake tasks in a particular directory. It figures out these tasks by running rake -T and then caches them. To update the cache run clean_rake_cache.


Adds completions and path shims for rbenv, which unfortunately doesn't spit out a handy init script for fish.