A Chromium extension for discreet password logging.
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Gumshoe is a Chrome extension for discreet password logging. It monitors the submission of all forms with a password field and stores any unique login details in a local database.


This thing's actually on the Chrome Web Store. Can you believe it?

Getting Started

Once installed, typing gselog anywhere should reveal the log management page. From here, you can search for records, delete those records, and change gselog to something more creative.

Provided that the extension is enabled and the user/password pair has not previously been recorded, login attempts to most (semantically correct) websites should be available for review through the log management page (see above).


Gumshoe for Chrome (Windows 7)


Aren't keyloggers scary and malicious?

You could call it a keylogger, but 3 out of 4 pedants agree that it logs form submissions, not keystrokes. (It monitors strokes as it listens for the passcode, but they aren't recorded.)

Right, but couldn't you steal my passwords?

No. All data is stored locally using Web SQL; Gumshoe never communicates with another machine.


Gumshoe doesn't hurt users; users hurt users.