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Bukkit Plugin to breakout redstone signals to a mqtt server. this code is still very much in alpha state.

Mosquitto( ) is a nice example of an mqtt server that's multiplatform if you are on a pi,"sudo apt-get install mosquitto" will install a server, but be aware, you are now running a MQTT server, and you might not want this open to all.

The code for this plugin is available at: For more information, try:

Paho is a MQTT library from the Eclipse foundation, distributed under the EPL licence, more information is available at their website:


unzip folder, and copy contents of MCMQTT folder into craftbukkit plugins folder. run craftbukkit server


mqttconnect [server] To connect to mqttserver and start sending updates

mqttconnect to save you entering the details for your server on every connection, edit McMqtt/config.yml file to have your mqtt server's address there currently defaulting to loacalhost.

disconnect from server

to create an IO point, place a sign, the first line defines the direction of data. The second line is the signid (you are best using alpha or numbers only for the moment).

"[input]" creates a input point (don't type in the " marks)
on placing this an input sign it turns into a lever, that players cannot modify, only destroy.
the lever can be modified by sending a message to the topic that the sign listens on.

to update it's state, send the string "1" or "0" to  minecraft/input/*signid* 
Edit *signid* as appropriate.

"[output]" creates a sign that sends a message whenever there is a change of redstone signal on the sign.
it will send "0" for no signal or "15" if there is a signal.

the signal will be sent to minecraft/output/*signid*


Contains code designed to run on a raspberry Pi to push mqtt messages out
onto the PiFace board.
this code assumees you have the python-mosquitto and piface(pfio) librarys available.
copy this onto your Pi and run with your python interpreter.


Contains EPL.txt, the licence that covers the Paho library.
and LGPL.txt, the licence text to cover this code.

Paho is a MQTT library from the eclipse foundation, distributed under the EPL licence, more information is available at their website:

Angus Taggart, 2013