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Git Push does not work #224

bnb opened this issue Jul 1, 2015 · 42 comments

Git Push does not work #224

bnb opened this issue Jul 1, 2015 · 42 comments


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@bnb bnb commented Jul 1, 2015

I'm on Windows 10 running Atom Latest. The Push command does not work - I have to manually open the command line and run git push in the correct folder to have it run properly. There's also another git-based Atom plugin that's having the same issue of not being able to push on Windows, because of shelljs (jacogr/atom-git-control#61). Is there a way to fix this?

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@GaetanBt GaetanBt commented Jul 3, 2015

Same problem here with windows 7 and latest Atom version

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@Japskua Japskua commented Jul 10, 2015

Agreed, same thing.

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@rwestonbutler rwestonbutler commented Jul 12, 2015

Same issue here with windows 7, atom 1.0.2. Looks like it tries to open some window at the bottom of the editor, but it is blank:


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@Chet77 Chet77 commented Jul 13, 2015

Same problem Win 7 Atom - Latest Version 1.0.2

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@GaetanBt GaetanBt commented Jul 16, 2015

Just tried with my Mac on Yosemite (Osx 10.10.2) and Atom 1.0.2 and it works perfectly

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@Japskua Japskua commented Jul 16, 2015

The problem is on Windows, not Mac...

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@fprieur fprieur commented Aug 6, 2015

Same here on win7 64

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@akonwi akonwi commented Aug 7, 2015

Previous users have had this issue. I'm not familiar with windows but for them it was resolved after cleaning up environment variables and ssh keys.

See #74 #85 #103 #99 #82

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@joncombe joncombe commented Aug 17, 2015

Maybe this will help others with the same issue on Windows authenticating using an SSH key.

On Windows I've always used Pagent ( to handle my SSH Keys. For some reason (I don't know why), these keys appear to be ignored when using git on Windows, hence the push fails.

To get round this, generate a new SSH key in using OpenSSH (these instructions look good: and copy the public key to GitHub in the usual way.

Finally, test "git clone" / "git push" works using the command line (as you'll see descriptive errors if there is a problem) and if that works, then try using git-plus in Atom. Worked for me.

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@filipesilva filipesilva commented Aug 20, 2015

My experience is that this is related to ssh keys, yes.

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@Oliver84 Oliver84 commented Sep 4, 2015

I'm having the same issue on Ubuntu. Git push works fine in the terminal, but not on Atom.

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@Oliver84 Oliver84 commented Sep 5, 2015

I'm not sure if my issue is related to everyone else's here but mine was giving me an error regarding askpass. I installed it with the command below and it's now working.

sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass

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@phphoenix phphoenix commented Sep 12, 2015

Here has been my workaround for this issue, i could get git plus to find the right path the ssh keys were in but started getting, other error messages, I decided to try joncombe's approach and use pagent. Here's a very verbose how-to following each step I did to get atom to push and pull with git plus. These steps will convert your existing keys to a .ppk key without needing to change your keys on github or bitbucket.
You're going to need multiple putty programs so just get the .zip that has all the binaries.

  1. open puttygen.exe
  2. Under conversions select import key
  3. find and open your id_rsa key you've been using
  4. Put in your passphrase if you use one,
  5. to verify you can match keys on GitHub/Bitbucket comparing to the "Public Key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:" section.
  6. Click "Save Private Key", it should be .ppk
  7. Open Pageant.exe, it opens as system tray icon
  8. Right click and select Add Key.
  9. Add your private key that was saved earlier in step 6.
  10. Set the environment variable for GIT_SSH to plink.exe
  11. Input passphrase if needed.
  12. Right click pageant in your system tray, and select new session, this opens putty
  13. In the host name type or, connection type: SSH , port: 22 and open
  14. Accept the notice about the unknown host key blah blah.

the last step needed because plink is just a backend to putty's functions so connecting without doing this step doesn't accept the key and add to known hosts

Doing all this allowed me to push/pull with atom on windows.

sorry if i was too wordy.

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@ehasanbegovic ehasanbegovic commented Nov 15, 2015

I had the same issue on Windows 8.1 - everything worked except push. For me the issue was related to credentials (I had to insert the credentials from the cmd for each push), might help someone else too:

  1. First - the obvious, you must have git in your environment variables:

  1. Install the Microsoft credential manager

  1. Make one push from git bash to enter your credentials and restart atom and command prompt. It should remember your credentials and the push from Atom git plus should work.
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@orlade orlade commented Nov 16, 2015

I had the same problem, fixed environment variables, using Pageant and GIT_SSH for plink, but still didn't work, then eventually it did. I think if you can manage to push from the regular cmd command line, Atom should be able to push too.

After you make any environmental changes, use Task Manager to ensure all instances of the application under test (cmd, Atom, etc.) are killed and restarted. If in doubt, restart your computer (the Windows solution).

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@DollarAkshay DollarAkshay commented Dec 24, 2015

@ehasanbegovic Thank you Sir. Your comment helped me. Its working now. Just had to add the path variable

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@blooski blooski commented Apr 27, 2016

Adding the Credential Manager did the trick. Thanks. (Atom on Win7 64)

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@kishore-vk kishore-vk commented Nov 2, 2016

Had to do all things combined
Check Git path or set to default if you are able to access in cmd
Install Git Wincred []
Do a manual push from windows cmd not Git bash
Add wincred to git credential []

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@akonwi akonwi commented Nov 4, 2016

There is another issue related to pushing on windows machines at #413.

The solution posted there is:

In order to have the PUSH working, you need to add the GitHub.exe (not git.exe) path to Environment Variable PATH and restart Atom.

This is how I found GitHub.exe path (in Windows)

  1. Run GitHub desktop
  2. Open the Task Manager, right click on GitHub (32 bit) process and select Open File Location

In my case GitHub.exe was in the folder C:\Users\cassani\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\H35QN991.JQW\RZJQ033T.E6B\gith..tion_317444273a93ac29_0003.0000_eb093b9833279bd4\

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@sum01 sum01 commented May 5, 2017

@kishorramanan I'm already running Git 2.12.2-4, Atom 1.16.0-1, and git-plus 7.8.0 on Linux 4.10.13-1-ARCH. There's nothing to update to, barring dev repo's.

But anyways, I'm still not really sure what else I can do to get git-plus to be able to push. When that green box comes up saying "push successful" or whatever it says, git-plus seems to think it actually pushed files, as the once-orange (aka files with diff's) files get their colors changed back to normal. But then I open the git+ log and it shows the same ssh_askpass error in the image I posted before.

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@ahmedtabrez ahmedtabrez commented Jul 18, 2017

Same proble here on Ubuntu 16.04

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@ZFYL ZFYL commented Aug 15, 2017

Atom latest version, same here

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@alecbz alecbz commented Sep 13, 2017

@ror6ax Yeah +100. If this failed loudly it would be much easier to figure out a fix. Primary issue here is definitely the silent failure.

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@hammer-wang hammer-wang commented Sep 23, 2017

Same here with Windows 10

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@kadomcevi kadomcevi commented Sep 28, 2017

"ssh_askpass" issue under Linux related to package ssh_askpass which should be installed, because git-plus ask password using this command.
For Gentoo linux exist at least 3 working packages:

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