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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This module defines simple control sequences, recognized by
:class:`~pyte.streams.Stream`, the set of codes here is for
``TERM=linux`` which is a superset of VT102.
:copyright: (c) 2011 by Selectel, see AUTHORS for more details.
:license: LGPL, see LICENSE for more details.
from __future__ import unicode_literals
#: *Space*: Not suprisingly -- ``" "``.
SP = " "
#: *Null*: Does nothing.
NUL = "\u0000"
#: *Bell*: Beeps.
BEL = "\u0007"
#: *Backspace*: Backspace one column, but not past the begining of the
#: line.
BS = "\u0008"
#: *Horizontal tab*: Move cursor to the next tab stop, or to the end
#: of the line if there is no earlier tab stop.
HT = "\u0009"
#: *Linefeed*: Give a line feed, and, if :data:`pyte.modes.LNM` (new
#: line mode) is set also a carriage return.
LF = "\n"
#: *Vertical tab*: Same as :data:`LF`.
VT = "\u000b"
#: *Form feed*: Same as :data:`LF`.
FF = "\u000c"
#: *Carriage return*: Move cursor to left margin on current line.
CR = "\r"
#: *Shift out*: Activate G1 character set.
SO = "\u000e"
#: *Shift in*: Activate G0 character set.
SI = "\u000f"
#: *Cancel*: Interrupt escape sequence. If received during an escape or
#: control sequence, cancels the sequence and displays substitution
#: character.
CAN = "\u0018"
#: *Substitute*: Same as :data:`CAN`.
SUB = "\u001a"
#: *Escape*: Starts an escape sequence.
ESC = "\u001b"
#: *Delete*: Is ingored.
DEL = "\u007f"
#: *Control sequence introducer*: An equavalent for ``ESC [``.
CSI = "\u009b"
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