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See document FEATURES for canonical list of features.
From 2.5 to 2.6
o Inline JPEGs are supported.
o mailto URLs are supported.
o Improved Usenet support, including threaded newsgroup listings and article
o Common Client Interface now supports POST to server, SEND
BROWSERVIEW and QUIT browser protocol functionality.
o PostScript printing and saving optionally includes URL and page number as
page header.
o Minimal group annotation support. Set the annotationServer resource
to the URL of your CGI annotation server.
o The URL text field is now editable. Pressing Enter within the text field
causes Mosaic to open the displayed URL.
o Load to local disk can now be activated on a one-time basis by holding down
the shift key while clicking on a hyperlink.
o HTTP header Referer now contains a document's parent URL (for hyperlinks
that are clicked-on with the mouse pointer, only). NCSA httpd 1.4 can log
the Referer field.
o HTTP header User-Agent now uses a slightly different format, for
consistency with other platforms:
User-Agent: NCSA_Mosaic/2.6 (X11; SunOS 4.1.3 sun4m) libwww/2.12 modified
o resource *maxNumCCIConnect added to restrict number of cci clients
communicating with the browser.
o comment card for user survey introduced in this version.
o Added additional entity support
o On reload, added support for a cache proxy. If resource
reloadPragmaNoCache is set, Mosaic will send an additional header notifying
proxy not to use cache.
o Added support for older NNTP servers.
o Code has been Saber tested.
From 2.4 to 2.5
o Added Common Client Interface (CCI) support.
o Added X resource cciPort and command-line flag -cciPort.
o Mosaic creates the file $HOME/.mosaiccciport listing the active
CCI hostname and port number in the form host:port.
o Added nested hotlists, with Copy, Insert, Up, Save, and Load options.
(thanks to Gilles Bourhis).
o Hotlists are now stored in HTML as nested unordered lists.
o Binaries are now linked with the latest, greatest, HDF (Hierarchical
Data Format) library.
o Added -kiosk command-line flag and Boolean X resource, kiosk.
o Also added -kioskNoExit command-line flag and Boolean X
resource kioskNoExit for kiosk mode without the close button.
o Added defaultFontChoice X resource.
o Added experimental editor hook to File menu.
o Added editCommandUseXterm resource.
o Added child signal handler.
o For security reasons, changed /bin/rm system calls to unlink().
o Added limited HTML table support.
o Added support for HTML <SUP>superscript</SUP> and <SUB>subscript
</SUB> tags, allong with supSubFont X resource.
o Forms may now have multiple submit buttons by including a NAME
attribute in INPUT elements of type SUBMIT.
o Fixed comment parsing, so that HTML mark-up can exist inside
comments. Comments should begin with <!-- and end with -->
o Mosaic no longer displays text inside the <HEAD> section of an
HTML document.
o Added <U>underline</U> support.
o Fixed case-sensitivity forms bug.
o Fixed some forms core dumps
o More verbose error messages
From 2.3 to 2.4
o Fixed really embarassingly dumb bug that made widgets names appear
next to toggle buttons on forms.
From 2.2 to 2.3
o Fixed security bug in telnet URLs.
o Fixed bug with dithered images inverting on some displays.
o Fixed bug with non-direct-WAIS clients core dumping on WAIS URLs.
o Fixed bug with uninitialized gatewayed for proxy gateways.
o Fixed memory overrun in PEM_AUTH code.
o Fixed loss of small messages in PEM_AUTH code.
o Fixed improper defaults for VerticalScrollOnRight.
o Fixed more GIF decoding core dumps.
o Fixed mispelling of XtSpecificationRelease in gui.c
o Fixed 24bit handling bug that caused some displays to switch red and blue.
o Added names to child widgets in forms.
o Added autoconfiguration of MOTIF1_2 based on XmVERSION and XmREVISION.
o Made dialogs rise to the top when selected a second time.
o Added 24bit DirectColor support.
o Added 16bit TrueColor support.
o Changed dithering to Floyd-Steinberg dithering.
o 2 color images go to black & white on monochrome, instead of dithering.
o FORM now uses ENCTYPE and ENCENTITY to submit encrypted if PEM_AUTH
o New menu under "Options" to always request enrypted if PEM_AUTH defined.
From 2.1 to 2.2
o Fixed bug in unrecognized URLs that have whitespace at the beginning.
o Fixed bug with transparent color GIF89 images.
o Fixed more inlined image parsing code dumps.
o Fixed odd extra flashing in documents accessed after form documents.
o Fixed socket leak in interrupted I/O.
o Fixed bug in whitespace terminated entity '&' escapes.
o Added Frans Van Hoesel's latest postscript changes.
o Added Frans Van Hoesel's extra font support.
o Speedups in GIF decoding, thanks to David Koblas.
o Improved handling of monochrome displays. Detect mono without needing
the -mono option, and dither inlined images.
o Added <OPTION VALUE=val> support so you can have the value returned
different than the string displayed.
o Added <INPUT TYPE=hidden> to allow invisible constant name/value pairs
to be added to submitted forms.
o Made resource verticalScrollOnRight user settable.
o Added hooks for PEM and PGP decoding by external application(s).
o Added support for proxy gateways, specifiable on a per access method basis.
From 2.0 to 2.1
o Remote control users and script writers take note: control filename
changed from /tmp/ to /tmp/ This
is the final such change, forever.
o Transparent uncompression over HTTP/1.0 is working -- Plexus
3.0i-beta is known to handle the server-side aspects, and the first
release of NCSA httpd after 1.0a5 will. Only content encodings
"x-compress" and "x-gzip" are currently handled.
o Transparent uncompression for local files is now working.
o Mail sending from within Mosaic is redone. Notably:
o mailCommand resource is now totally obsolete.
o sendmailCommand resource is now expected to point to
your system's sendmail binary; default is
/usr/lib/sendmail. Assumption is made that this
program accepts command-line arguments specifying
addresses to which message should be mailed, and accepts other
headers and message text from stdin.
o Mailed messages are now MIME-compliant, including use of
proper content-types.
o Additional header X-URL is used to indicate the URL of a
mailed document to the recipient.
o A BASE directive is added to mailed HTML documents to
allow inlined images and relative hyperlinks to work on the
other end.
o Mosaic 1.2's multiline FTP response fixes (courtesy John
Ockerbloom) merged in, and tweaks made.
o Added support for freeWAIS 0.202's URL type in native WAIS code.
o Added support for "204 NoResponse" responses in HTTP/1.0. When
such a response is received, Mosaic will not go to a new document or
an error message but will completely disregard the results of the
o Status line now displays "xx of yy bytes" when talking to an HTTP/1.0
server that tells it content-length. (For small transfers this may not
happen, which is to be expected, as header and entire data block
transfer will be very close together.)
o Worked around BadWindow crash under Ultrix with Edit Hotlist
o Worked around BadWindow crash under Ultrix with ISINDEX forms
and text entry areas.
o Glitch with formatting long lines in some cases fixed.
o Fixed rare coredump opportunity in SELECT/OPTION handling.
o Fixed rare uninitialized memory read in widget selection code.
o Fixed another coredump opportunity in inlined image loading.
o Fixed coredump opportunity in client-side authentication code with
long (>48 character) realm names.
o Mosaic no longer tries to pick up final reply from FTP servers, to
thwart those servers that don't seem to be responding to the final reply
read. Also should make FTP performance a little better. This may be
an evil thing to do (since Mosaic may now tear down the socket before
the FTP server has finished writing to it); I'm not sure.
o Rob says: "It appears on first glance that Mosaic 2.0 is ignoring
anchors in redirected URLs." He was right, and it's now fixed.
o Made a few fixes in PostScript printing code: corrected header
generation, and fixed width handling (thanks to Gustaf Neumann).
o Tweaked reloading code to avoid strange error message.
o Mosaic now assumes that text documents beginning with string
"<BASE" or "<base" are HTML -- this makes it easy to use Mosaic
as a metamail viewer for HTML documents mailed from this version
of Mosaic.
o Merged in donated fixes for 6-bit and 16-bit displays. These aren't
guaranteed to work as we have no way to test them.
o Fixed missing closing ADDRESS tag in news articles.
o Fixed condition in WAIS source parser that caused it to lose track of
its state if escapted characters were inside quotes (thanks to Larry
o Fixed FTP code to allow ftp://username:password@host/
URLs (thanks to Larry Masinter).
o This version of Mosaic supports the GIF89 transparent color
extension. You can create GIFs with a transparent background color
with the latest beta of netpbm and its ppmtogif filter (you can
FTP that from in /ftp/archive/netpbm if
you're desperate).
o Merged in SOCKS modifications from Ying-Da Lee
(; for the version of SOCKS needed to compile
with SOCKS support enabled, see here; note that SOCKS and the SOCKS
code now in Mosaic are NOT supported by NCSA.
o Fixed memory problem with trackFullURLs set to false (that
option still doesn't work in all cases, but at least it does something
reasonable now).
o Tweaks for compilation on various platforms.
From 2.0 prerelease 8 to 2.0
o Fixed intermittent bug in loading files to disk (would inaccurately
complain about insufficient temporary disk space).
o Extension map files can now have tabs as whitespace.
o Fixed more minor glitches in image caching, multiple windows, fun
things like that.
o Never retry HTTP/1.0 POST operation as HTTP0 operation (makes no
sense to do so).
o Removed really horrible compatibility hack for broken HTTP0 servers
introduced in pre7 -- no longer useful, since ANU Bioinformatics has
upgraded to HTTP/1.0.
o Tweaked remote control a little (fixed redisplay bugs on some servers).
o Tweaked HTTP/1.0 status messages.
o Tweaked bcopy/bzero macros for System V/Solaris.
From 2.0 prerelease 7 to 2.0 prerelease 8
o Renamed executable 'Mosaic' and application class name 'Mosaic'. User
X resources and system app defaults files should be updated as necessary.
o Implemented FORM METHOD="POST" with optional
o Implemented TEXTAREA as described in the current (11/2) HTML+ spec.
o Fixed bugs with image caching (particularly with very small image cache
sizes) and multiple open windows.
o Scrolled lists with nothing selected now return nothing.
o Fixed coredump opportunity in GUI part of authentication code (Marc's
fault, not Ari's).
o Fixed glitch with spinning icon and deferred image loading.
o Quotes (") in OPTIONs now work.
o Radio buttons no longer allowed to be "none of many" (document writers
should make one of the buttons checked by default -- if you think you
want to allow "none of many" behavior, just throw in a "none of the
above" radio button).
o Image input elements whose images are deferred no longer have a
hyperlink available in the deferred image icon.
o Fixed glitch with exploding Gopher/FTP icons in some cases.
o Force allowShellResize to false on Mosaic shell windows to avoid some
stupid window manager bugs.
o "I have noticed that Mosaic 2.0pre6 does not properly scroll horizontally
when a preformatted <PRE> declared document is wider than the
window." Also gopher://
o Fixed coredump opportunity when temporary directory (TMPDIR) is
o Fixed coredump opportunities when interrupting NNTP connects and
reads and when including inlined images in news articles (yikes).
o Fixed bad PostScript output of documents with titles with embedded
o Fixed problems in PostScript code on DEC Alphas (hopefully).
o Fixed another coredump opportunity in GIF reading code.
o Fixed glitch in simplying URLs like 'http://blargh.blah.:8001/'.
o Password entry fields in forms now obey the MAXLENGTH attribute.
o Changed default DEC Ultrix and Alpha audio player to "aplay" (c.f.
o Tried to make handling of HTTP network writes more elegant, in case
some HTTP0 server really confuses things.
o Additional performance optimizations in HTML widget.
o New colorful spinning globe icon.
o Final interface tweaks, according to the advice of our user interface and
visual design expert.
o Fixed compilation glitches on a couple different platforms.
o A few miscellaneous minor cleanups.
From 2.0 prerelease 6 to 2.0 prerelease 7
o Smart inlined image caching. Resource imageCacheSize can be
set to the maximum image cache size of your choice (in kbytes;
default 2048) -- command line option -ics also does this.
o All of the images in a given document will be (temporarily)
cached while on that page regardless of the value of
imageCacheSize. (This is a feature :-).
o Cache flushes "least recently viewed".
o Added TYPE="image" to forms support (see testcase).
o Added interruptible reads. All data loads should now be completely
interruptible (from end of DNS lookup to beginning of in-widget
document formatting), except for certain stages of a direct WAIS
o Added "mosaic-internal-present" magic viewer to cause arbitrary
MIME types to be presented to the user using Mosaic's normal
plaintext display mechanism. Added many default mappings for
things like troff and TeX documents to this magic viewer.
o Made additional fixes to HTTP code for very small inlined images
-- testcases here and here.
o Transparent uncompression is back (but not recommended, for
cross-platform compatibility).
o X resources uncompressCommand and
gunzipCommand still control uncompression commands.
o You should upgrade to gzip version 1.2.4 if you're not already
there, as the new default for X resource gunzipCommand is
"gunzip -n -f", which requires a recent version of gzip.
o Mosaic will not transparently uncompress anything coming
across a HTTP/1.0 connection, under any circumstances, yet.
o Mosaic will not transparently uncompress anything
transferred in binary transfer mode, but will transparently
uncompress files typed such that they get saved directly to
disk (e.g. application/octet-stream, and any
MIME type mapped to magic viewer
o Partially removed smart FTP interface -- will be restored at some
point in the future when I have more time to work on it. In the
meantime, it caused too many problems with too many servers.
o Added "Reload Images" menu option to explicitly flush images on
current page and reload the entire thing.
o Added horrible hack to allow (slow, but working) transactions with
way-old HTTP0 servers.
o Made handling of screwed-up HTTP/1.0 MIME header sets more
o Proper password entry dialog for authentication support.
o Added last resolved host info caching to help performance with slow,
confused, or misconfigured DNS servers.
o Most temporary files weren't going into specified TMPDIR -- fixed.
o Fixed bug in handling of Gopher titles with 8-bit characters (testcase
here -- this image).
o Fixed bugs in issuing Gopher queries -- punctuation in queries, etc.
should work now.
o Better handling if temporary disk space runs out (still not a good
thing to allow to happen, though).
o Better socket handling (sockets should always be closed by the time
an external viewer is started now, so they don't leak until the viewer
o Fixed bug in handling HTTP/1.0 redirection for inlined images and
o Fixed bug in following symlinks to absolutely specified files on FTP
o Fixed minor and intermittent scrollbar management bug.
o Fixed another coredump opportunity in GIF reading code.
o Fixed another coredump opportunity in FTP icon code (testcase
file:// -- can't read it because
the FTP server is highly nonstandard, but at least now it doesn't dump
o Fixed coredump opportunity in mailcap-parsing code.
o Fixed handling of some Gopher directories (e.g.
o Fixed coredump when using HREF instead of SRC with IMG.
o Color stuff -- start at
with correct colors and middle-button the resource directory, close
new window, repeat as necessary, occasionally pressing 'R' (refresh)
in the original window -- you'll see the colors in the newly opened
window look incorrect (in 1.2 also). Fixed!
o Fixed interruptible I/O weirdness on some System V systems.
o Cleaned up generation of Gopher titles.
o Changed default player for all audio files from showaudio to sfplay
for SGIs to avoid various problems.
o Problem in SELECT's coming over Gopher -- %0D's at end of lines
don't get clipped out -- testcase
gopher:// -- fixed.
o Fixed glitch with PostScript code.
o Made small change to FTP code to cooperate with various FTP
servers better (testcase here).
o Fixed coredump when pressing Reset button in form with password
entry field.
o Fixed socket leaking problems in FTP, WAIS, and beyond -- sockets
should never again be leaked by Mosaic; if you can confirm this is
happening, please let us know (and provide evidence, testcase
sequences, and netstat readouts).
o Added recognition of Gopher+ image, sound, and movie types --
still no guarantee they'll be handled properly, as Gopher+ does typing
a little differently and we don't provide full support for Gopher+
o Fixed problem if temporary local copy of HDF file goes away
unexpectedly. Also better handling of temporary local files --
however, beware that if you use Mosaic's HDF viewing support, you
should clean up your temporary directory space on a fairly regular
basis, as Mosaic does not always know when to clean it up for you
(for various reasons -- Mosaic should always clean up local copies of
other types of data files though).
o Fixed longstanding security glitch in Gopher support (Marc VH will
recognize this).
o News support tweaked.
o More performance enhancements -- go Quantify!
o Added some portability fixes.
o Lots of little cleanups and fixes.
From 2.0 prerelease 5 to 2.0 prerelease 6
o Added CERN authentication code with GUI support (see CERN docs and
o Added/revised scrolled lists, option menus, multiline text areas support in
fill-out forms; see docs.
o Added local directory icons and enhanced FTP icons (thanks to Charles
o New toggle button for selecting delayed image loading on the fly.
o New "Load Images In Current" menu option to load all (delayed) images
in current document.
o Improved handling of wide range of HTTP/1.0 response codes (see BSDI
o Fixed really stupid problem with networking -- numeric addresses were
being handled incorrectly.
o Fixed coredump when reloading initial document that had been interrupted
first time it was being loaded; also added internal fixes to make doing
things with no document loaded at least not crash the program.
o Fixed bug when retrieving (it's not
accessible but a spurious bug report was getting dumped to stderr).
o Made FTP directory handling more flexible/accurate (testcase here --
should see "lists" directory).
o Handle HTTP0/HTTP1 socket-level protocol clash a little better (e.g.,51 -- might not
be a valid testcase anymore).
o Binary transfer bug fixed -- it works right now.
o Transparent uncompression still doesn't work (sorry), but the mutant
compressed filename munging code that was alive in pre5 is disabled now,
and compressed files are treated as binary.
o Worked around strange Motif bug causing crashes on some platforms with
message about accelerators.
o Now properly recognize comments ('#' first character in line) in extension
o Fixed problem with encoding of 8-bit characters in fill-out forms and
o Made MIME type handling case insensitive in HTTP and WAIS code.
o Enhanced URL canonicalization (safe handling of trailing period in fully
qualified hostnames, plus lowercasing of all hostnames).
o Cleaned up some big direct WAIS and other memory leaks.
o Improved handling of Gopher errors.
o Improved handling of binary transfer mode (now "Load To Local Disk")
-- local tmp file properly removed when cancel button is hit, and dialog
box is now modal to prevent problems.
o Fixed bug in delayed inlined image icon handling with multiple delayed
inlined images on the same line.
o Gopher/FTP icons are now part of anchors, so they can be clicked on (even
though they're normal color -- trust us on this one).
o Fixed memory corruption problem with remote control newwin
o Changed FTP client code to always pass fully qualified machine name in
anonymous password whenever possible (actual username is already being
o Cleaned up menubar.
o Lots of little cleanups, performance tweaks, and portability fixes.
From 2.0 prerelease 4 to 2.0 prerelease 5
o Added INPUT elements of type RADIO for fill-out forms as per
HTML+ spec.
o Added INPUT elements of type PASSWORD for fill-out forms as per
HTML+ spec.
o Added INPUT elements of type OPTION for option menus in fill-out
forms (not in HTML+ spec yet).
o Added resource twirlingTransferIcon, default true, can be set to false to
turn off twirling NCSA logo on transfers (interruption is still possible).
o Added resource twirlIncrement, default 4096, to indicate how many bytes
(minimum) are transferred between icon twirls in interface for normal
(FTP, Gopher, HTTP) transfers, if twirlingTransferIcon is on.
o FTP interface now has icons, byte counts (courtesy Charles Henrich).
o Gopher icons are back.
o Gopher type handling is back up to par, including support for
o Brought default mailcap and extension mapping stuff up to speed;
enumerated previously wildcarded types (image/*, audio/*) for
debatably broken CERN server.
o External viewers need not have "%s" as part of their names anymore; if
they don't, then the data will be piped through stdin when they are
o Added "Reload Config Files" menubar entry, to cause mailcaps and
extension maps to be reloaded on the fly.
o Multiformat WAIS support is now working; testcase here; sample query.
o MIME types returned from WAIS servers are now handled correctly.
o Telnet/rlogin/tn3270 works again.
o Upon startup, now writes own pid into ~/.mosaicpid.
o Clip anchor ("#...") off of current URL, if present, before doing search,
for both forms and isindex.
o Widget creation now deferred as long as possible, to eliminate ugliness of
index field, etc. showing up too early.
o It should now be impossible to do anything interface-wise during a
transfer except click on the interrupt button for the current window.
o Fixed memory problem introduced in pre4 triggered when opening a new
window with middle mouse click.
o Fixed HTML widget crash condition that hit HP-UX.
o Fixed problem jumping to anchors in the same document (jump to "#a" in
a document, the "#b", then go back and you were still at "#b" instead of
"#a"). Also nailed down jumping back and forth between anchors in
general. Performance maybe could be better.
o Handle 403 return codes better ("Forbidden").
o Fixed problem with icon not righting itself after reloading inlined images
o Fixed problem with invalid content-type returned as part of HTTP/1.0
reply (was causing bad memory corruption; now unrecognized
content-types default to HTML). Testcase -- click on "Help".
o Fixed problem introduced in pre4 with confused history mechanism and
internal anchors.
o Fixed minor problem with news formatting.
o Ignore SIGPIPE; error EPIPE is also considered to be a sign of the
HTTP1/0 protocol incompatibility problem.
o Fixed problem with -dil and images that aren't accessible at all.
o Merged in useful fixes from 2.11, including ignoring of ":80" for HTTP
URLs and ":70" for Gopher URLs in URL parsing for improved history
o Killed use of const structs in HTML-PSformat.c to make compilation
under Ultrix easier.
o Added patches for Esix 4.0.4 and Solaris x86 2.1.
o Reported bug: "Found a bug with the maxlength parm, if you set a size to
something other than the specified maxlength, it will allow data of any
length to be entered" fixed.
o Cleaned up communication notification mechanisms.
From 2.0 prerelease 3 to 2.0 prerelease 4
o Prerelease startup page is now hardwired to a warning page about the
hazards of prereleases, to keep users from having the slightest thought
that a prerelease is the same thing as a stable release and should be
given to small children, normal users, or people without senses of
o Basic interruptible I/O.
o You can interrupt in the middle of a connect or between reads
of chunks of data during HTTP, Gopher, direct WAIS, and FTP
o Existing problems: can't interrupt DNS (hostname) lookups,
can't interrupt in the middle of reads.
o Added support for NCSA httpd 1.0 style extension/content-type config
files (extension maps).
o Resource useDefaultExtensionMap, default true, can be
set to false to keep Mosaic from having any default extension
mappings. We strongly recommend that this resource be left
true; simply override as necessary.
o Resource globalExtensionMap, default
"/usr/local/lib/mosaic/mime.types", can be set to the location of
the system-wide extension map config file of your choice.
o Resource personalExtensionMap, default
".mime.types", can be set to the location of the personal
extension map config file of your choice -- the value of the
environment variable HOME is prepended to this.
o Extension matching is now case insensitive (e.g., .txt and
.TXT are always treated the same).
o Added support for RFC 1343-style mailcap files to map MIME types
to external viewers. Together with the extension map support (above),
this provides complete customizability of viewers, supported types, and
extensions in a manner smoothly compatible with multimedia mail.
o Resource useDefaultTypeMap, default true, can be set to
false to keep Mosaic from having any default type mappings.
We strongly recommend that this resource be left true; simply
override as necessary.
o Resource globalTypeMap, default
"/usr/local/lib/mosaic/mailcap", can be set to the location of the
system-wide mailcap (type map config) file of your choice.
o Resource personalTypeMap, default ".mailcap", can be set
to the location of the personal mailcap file of your choice --
the value of the environment variable HOME is prepended to
o In this prerelease, we are not RFC 1343-compliant in a couple
respects: a "%s" must be included in the viewer specification; if
it is not, Mosaic will not currently feed the data to the viewer
via stdin. Also, "%t" and "%{" are not recognized. Also, things
like copiousoutput, test, and needsterminal aren't
recognized either. We don't know if these things are important
or not (needsterminal probably is but the others probably
o There are two "magic viewers" that can be associated with
particular MIME types:
o mosaic-internal-dump is used to tell Mosaic to
dump files of the corresponding type to disk (providing
the user with a dialog box to specify a filename).
Normally this "magic viewer" applies to all
unrecognized types (including, by default,
o mosaic-internal-reference is used to tell
Mosaic that it has native handling capabilities for this
datatype. This should only be used for HDF and
netCDF data files, and only with versions of Mosaic
that have native HDF support compiled in. By default
this "magic viewer" applies to types
application/x-netcdf, application/hdf,
and application/netcdf (the latter two aren't
valid MIME types at the moment, but should be
o Added better WAIS type support. In particular, given an arbitrary
WAIS type (e.g. "TEXT", "WSRC", "GIF"), the following occurs:
1 If a MIME type of the same name is found, then that is the type.
(This is looking forward to the days when WAIS servers will
return MIME types -- "image/gif" instead of "GIF", etc.)
2 Otherwise, a dummy filename "foo.type" is constructed (e.g.
"foo.GIF") and run through the normal extension mapping code
to try to do a MIME type match. This means that you can
expand the WAIS types Mosaic handles simply by adding
entries to your extension map (and, if necessary, your mailcap).
3 If this fails, we assume plaintext.
o Fixed "bad docid" problem with direct WAIS queries to some WAIS
servers (including White House Papers). (I'm still not sure this is
bulletproof -- please send bug reports regarding bad or missing docids
or documents, inconsistent results, etc.)
o Added support for 300-level HTTP/1.0 replies (301 and 302 --
redirection or forwarding of URLs).
In conjunction with NCSA httpd 1.0a2 and later, this means graphical
overviews of distributed information spaces are now easily doable (a
single image map can essentially point to lots of URLs scattered all
across the Web). An example is here.
o Added support for <BASE HREF="whatever"> to allow
specification of a "real" URL inside an HTML document. (This is a
convenient way to have WAIS server access not screw up URLs of
documents that normally exist in a hypermedia hierarchy, or in any
other instance where the same document, especially when containing
relative links, is served off of more than one server.)
An example is here -- the document is physically located at
"" but the "real" URL
is specified in the document source. Inlined links specified with
relative URLs, and relative hyperlinks, work.
o Deferred inline image loading -- resource delayImageLoads can
be set to true (or command-line flag -dil) to cause inlined images to
not be loaded by default.
o Instead, a little icon is inlined that can be clicked on to have the
image loaded and expanded in place.
o Images serving as anchors get a little arrow icon on top of the
little image icon that can be clicked on to follow the anchor.
o Only problem remaining: how to handle ISMAP images
reasonably in this context.
o Reworked HTML widget layout to support consistent baselines --
typography is much improved. This also means:
o <IMG ALIGN=MIDDLE> is now supported.
o Input elements in fill-out forms are now better aligned with
their surroundings -- baseline of text in text widget is aligned
with baseline of surrounding text line; toggle buttons are placed
o Papered over basic incompatibility between HTTP0 and HTTP/1.0
protocols -- sockets can get confused when sending a HTTP/1.0
request to a HTTP0 server; we now detect when this happens and
reissue the request as HTTP0. This is not a really good fix, as there is a
performance hit if it must be done frequently and it's ugly besides, but
it does mean that data should never be lost when talking to a HTTP0
o Fixed compatibility problem with X11R5/Motif 1.2 (the binaries we
distribute are still linked with X11R4/Motif 1.1 but you should be able
to compile and run with X11R5/Motif 1.2 now).
o New and improved inlined XPM3 support.
o Fixed fairly large memory problem dealing with external data elements
in HTFWriter.c, which often instantiated itself in coredumps in the
GIF reading/decompressing code.
o Fixed really stupid problem interpreting binary data over HTTP/1.0
o Fixed coredump on File->Mail To with no specified subject.
o Fixed coredump on "Save As" under some circumstances with new
HTML widget.
o Fixed coredump on getting back NULL text on first connection or on
o Fixed stupid bug-like feature in HDF code regarding display of only
value of a single-value vdata.
o Now sends DTM disconnect message when closing application, if
DTM connection is active.
o Took out extra space after periods bug-like feature.
o Fixed bug with new widget: document sometimes getting shoved off
top of window and no scrollbar appearing.
o Binary transfer mode is back, and unknown types are handled as with
binary transfer mode.
o Fixed problem with trailing slash on FTP directory (old problem, once
fixed, reintroduced in 2.0).
o Fixed lots of memory leaks (thanks to Purify).
o Changed default documentsMenuSpecfile to
From 2.0 prerelease 2 to 2.0 prerelease 3
o Libwww2 merged in (based on libwww-2.09a; heavily modified).
o Basic HTTP/1.0 support, including MIME format
comprehension. (See libwww-2.09/HTInit.c; no run-time
customization is in place yet.)
o Direct WAIS support.
o Link to freeWAIS 0.1 client libraries.
o Handle plaintext, html, binary formats (!) cleanly.
o Even access HDF/netCDF files out of a WAIS database
and have them be handled properly by Mosaic (parsed and
displayed with inlined images, hyperlinks, and the works
as usual).
o New resource maxWaisResponses controls maximum
number of matches you get from a WAIS server; default
is 200.
o FTP and file interfaces now alphabetize filenames.
o Local file interface inlines README file in directory listing, if
one exists.
o "ftp" URL always forces FTP link -- never tries local directory.
"file" URL still first tries local directory then tries FTP link.
o Search suffix now cropped from URL before determining file
type by extension.
o Lots of new bugs, and lots of previously fixed bugs from Mosaic
1.x reincarnated as new bugs.
o New and improved HTML widget.
o No more document pages or large virtual windows -- everything
is managed by the widget itself (including scrollbars).
o Preformatted text sections wider than window do not force all
text to be formatted to full width of window; text will be
formatted to width of visible window and horizontal scrollbar
will allow viewing remainder of the pre sections.
o Jumping to anchor in document in new window (e.g. using
middle button) now works.
o Performance performance performance! (Really!)
o Scrolling up or down by pages now gives you a leftover line
from the previous page.
o Added <br> and <hr> tags (linebreak and horizontal rule,
respectively); also now support <strike> for strikeout effect.
o Initial fill-out form support. This is a partial implementation of
HTML+'s fill-out form spec, with a few minor changes.
o For information on what's supported, how it works, and
examples, see here.
o A partially or fully filled out form will retain its state if
you move to another document and then back.
o ISINDEX is now handled via an inlined fill-out form
(which means searchIndexInDialog resource is no longer
o New directives and features for remote control:
o "pagedown", "pageup", "scrolldown", and "scrollup" directives
for remote control of scrollbar.
o Audio, video, and other external datatypes can now be accessed
without the window going out to lunch.
o Status area of document view window now gives byte count during
network transfer, etc. (This isn't complete yet.)
o New resource trackFullURLs, if set to False, enables prototypical smart
display of "where you're going" during mouse tracking, including format
divination. This is still in progress...
o Unflagged command-line arg specifies startup document, which is now
different from home document.
o Normal ISINDEX queries are now escaped properly.
o ACTION attribute now accepted for ISINDEX tag; allows specification
of alternate search engine.
o New File->Refresh menu entry (to cause image colors to be restored,
etc. without requiring network transfer) -- keyboard hotkey capital-R.
o Capital-H is now hotkey for calling up hotlist window.
o Fixed bug -- was getting the machine
name interpreted as numeric address.
o Nuked future list in history window.
o Nuked SIGINT interrupt hack.
o Nuked prototype group annotation support.
From 2.0 prerelease 1 to 2.0 prerelease 2
o Added searchIndexInDialog resource. If false (default), Search Index
field (from 1.2) pops up on searchable pages and pops down on
non-searchable pages. If true, Search Index button (from 2.0
prerelease 0/1) allows user to call up dialog box.
o The "Reload" option now clears out cached image data for the current
document before reloading the document, thus causing the images to
be reloaded also, if resource reloadReloadsImages is set to true
(default is false).
o The "Clear Image Cache" menu option wipes out all cached images
(reclaiming memory).
o "Clear Global History" also clears the image cache now.
o Fixed bug with internal bitmaps used in Gopher menus failing on
non-8-bit displays.
o Ripped out Window Per Document option (middle button still causes
new window to be opened on anchor activation).
o Toplevel Makefile (configure one file, type 'make', and you're done),
as well as Makefile.sun,, Makefile.dec, Makefile.alpha
for common configurations.
o Configurable Documents menu. By default there isn't one. Places to
look in order of preference at program startup are the value of the
resource documentsMenuSpecfile (by default
/usr/local/mosaic/, the value of the environment
value of the compile-time #define
The specfile itself consists of alternating lines of title and URL; a
single line starting with two dashes ("--") between any two title/URL
pairs counts as a separator. By default up to 80 things (title/URL pairs
+ separators) can be in a specfile; this can be increased in
src/gui-menubar.c if you're crazy. An example specfile is distributed
with the source code (but is not intended to be a default).
The developer who implemented this feature disagrees with its
presence in the program; the contents of such a customizable menubar
ought to be in a hypermedia page (so you can actually format, lay out,
and explain the various hyperlinks) that in turn ought to be served to
the network (so others can benefit from your organization of
o Added simpleInterface resource to allow menubar and bottom button
configuration to be considerably pared down (default is false).
Comments on what should and shouldn't be in the simple user
interface should be sent to
o Added "Network Starting Points" document pointer in Navigate menu
(to make up for disappearance of Documents & Manuals menu); the
URL is customizable at compile time (see src/mosaic.h).
o trackPointerMotion can now be set to false to inhibit pointer/URL
o Fixed yet another libwww bug -- coredump on malformed URL
From 2.0 prerelease 0 to 2.0 prerelease 1
o Fixes for PostScript printing on non-SGI's and in general.
o Moved "Search Index" button to left side of window.
o Fixed problems keeping img.c from compiling without HDF support.
o Ripped out Documents, Manuals.
o Better Gopher icons (thanks, Kevin Hughes).
o Removed hardcoding of location of help documents. Here's how things
work now: By default, the location is used. This can be
overridden in src/Makefile by setting the DOCS_DIRECTORY_DEFAULT
define. This can in turn be overridden by the environment variable
MOSAIC_DOCS_DIRECTORY environment variable, which can in turn be
overridden by the XMosaic*DocsDirectory X resource (which by default is
NULL). How's that?
o Home page is now customizable at compile time by setting
o Other things that are customizable at compile time (see src/mosaic.h):
o Removed native DMF support.
o Reading a .HDF file that's not an HDF/netCDF file no longer exits on
"ncopen: Not a netcdf file".
From 1.2 to 2.0 prerelease 0
o Native HDF browsing support, and resources to support it.
o Search keyword is now in a dialog box.
o Mouse tracking, including display of target URL.
o Bitmaps in Gopher interface.
o History list now tracks jumps to internal anchors.
o New and improved PostScript printing (courtesy Ameet Raval and Frans Von
Hoesel); see below.
o Usenet news reading problems and other bugs fixed.
o DTM support updated to Collage 1.2-alpha equivalent.
From 1.1 to 1.2
o Binary transfer mode, when on, now forces all files to be treated as
binary, whether or not their extensions are recognized. (Due to
overwhelming popular request.)
o Gopher file types are now picked up on the basis of file extension, if a
file extension exists, with the default being the normally assumed
type. This means that "" returned as type '0' (text) is interpreted
as PostScript, etc. Resource tweakGopherTypes (default True) can be
set to False to turn this off and interpret Gopher documents stricly by
the Gopher typing system.
o Resource postscriptViewerCommand is now "dump" by default. This
is because ghostview (the previous default), as currently shipped, runs
ghostscript in unsafe mode and a malicious PostScript file could cause
damage to your filesystem as a result.
o Added fullHostname resource to allow explicit setting of the fully
qualified hostname (machine.domain). We recommend you don't use
this resource (allow Mosaic to determine your full hostname on the
fly) unless your system chokes on gethostbyname().
o Fixed problem with annotationServer resource set and annotation
server not available or network down.
o Fixed problem with missing title (or author) in annotation.
o Fixed occasional coredump in File->Reload.
o Fixed occasional crash with inlined images after windows have been
o Made failure of gethostbyname() robust (coredumps actually inside
gethostbyname() must still be dealt with by the gethostbynameIsEvil
o Fixed coredump when checking for editable annotation property when
document contains no text.
o Fixed coredump when closing window if hotkey is hit while window
is still open but in the process of being destroyed.
o Local files should now always be automatically canonicalized into a
full URL of form file://hostname/full/path/filename -- this applies to
command-line arguments and to filenames passed through
o Now recognize file://localhost/ scheme for expressly accessing local
o Fixed problem with multiline FTP server responses (courtesy John
o Fixed problem with ".." in FTP directory resulting in slash falling off
of toplevel URL and subsequent jumps failing.
o Fixed problem with trailing slashes in FTP directory specifications
that were causing part of the directory name to be used twice.
o Changed sgimoviePlayerCommand default to movieplayer, which
actually exists on some SGI systems.
o Made a few changes to menubar Documents and Help menus.
o Cleaned up lots of typecasting warnings in Xmx code.
o Fixed problem with Motif 1.2 and file insertions in annotate window.
o Fixed problem with double quotes in titles of group annotations.
o Added resource reverseInlinedBitmapColors to allow reversal of
foreground and background colors in inlined XBM bitmaps.
o Fixed problem with group annotations on URL's containing pound
signs (normally this never happens, but it will happen for HDF files in
Mosaic 2.0).
o Added confirmation box for deleting annotations from the menubar;
added resource confirmDeleteAnnotation, defaults to true.
o Correctly recognizes mis-suffixed HTML files starting with <head>,
<html>, and <HTML> tags also now.
o XPM3-format inlined image support fixed.
From 1.0 to 1.1
o Hotkeys in document view windows.
o Color leaks and glitches in inlined image support fixed.
o Support for TMPDIR environment variable, as well as resource
tmpDirectory and command-line flag -tmpdir, for specifying
location of tmp directory for transient data files.
o Added GUI-supported modification of hotlist entry titles.
o Added ISMAP tag support to IMG tag (courtesy Tony Sanders).
o CSO phonebook support (courtesy Lou Montulli).
o Added printing/saving straight to PostScript (courtesy Ameet A. Raval).
No support for images yet, though.
o Fixed typo in Motif 1.2 support in HTML widget.
o Fixed typo (nothing was broken, just caused it to be a little slow
sometimes) in document page handling.
o Two spaces between sentences in pretty selections now.
o SGML comments are now ignored.
o Updated copyright notice.
o Documentation hyperlinks point straight to new NCSA server.
o Mosaic can now be remotely controlled via signals by a parent process;
e.g., to allow use as a browser for context-sensitive help from another
application. More information coming...
o Default rgbViewerCommand is now 'xv' on non-SGI platforms, since xv
3.0 now handles SGI RGB files.
o New WAIS interface document, pointing to NCSA gateway.
o URL of document is now sent in 'Mail To...' messages.
o <cite> now supported.
o <blockquote> now supported.
o <var> now uses italics.
o Fixed rare parsing/layout coredumps.
o Fixed rare pretty selection coredumps.
o Fixed stupid memory and file-handling glitches; made hotlist and other
config file-handling much more robust.
o Properly handle (nuke) newlines in titles and URL's now.
o Fixed rare stupid coredumps in Motif lists.
o No more coredump when saving/printing/mailing empty file.
o Mosaic now has no default geometry resource value. Initial window
placement and toplevel dialog placement will be entirely according to
your window manager's settings.
o Added resource percentVerticalSpace to allow customization of the space
between paragraphs, between headers and paragraphs, etc. in the HTML
o Fixed coredump when starting Mosaic with home page a directory with
no slashes in the specification.
o Added recognition of '.gz' for gzip'd files, as per GNU change.
o Fixed glitch with X bitmaps served by Gopher servers as inlined images.
o Added editres support.
o Added Motif 1.2 tearoff menu support.
o Better DEC Alpha OSF/1 support.
o Better Dell SVR4 support.
o A few more source cleanups for NeXT support.
o Reorganized Documents menu and added new options to Help menu.
o Added support for group annotation server (not yet available).
o Cleaned up src/Makefile (some).
o Suffixes .dump and .saveme are now recognized and trigger binary
file dump to local disk.
o Busy cursor now shows up more often, like it should.
o HDF files are now recognized and passed to Collage via Collage's -load
option, which isn't yet in a released version.
o Miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups.
From 0.13 to 1.0
o Added new resource, gethostbynameIsEvil, for Sun's that
coredump when gethostbyname() is called to try to find out what
their own names are. (Command-line flag is -ghbnie.)
o Explicitly pop down all dialog boxes when document view
window is closed, for window managers too dull to do so
o Better visited anchor color for non-SGI's.
o Added .hqx and .uu to list of file extensions handled like .tar files.
o Added 'Clear' button to Open box, to allow more convenient
cut-n-paste entries of URL's.
o New resource 'autoPlaceWindows'; if set to False, new document
view windows will not be automatically positioned by the
program itself (but it's still up to your window manager just how
they're placed).
o Command-line flags -i and -iconic now have desired effect (new
resource initialWindowIconic can also be used).
o Gif-reading code is a little more bulletproof.
o Obscure infinite loop triggered by extra space in IMG tag fixed.
o Eliminated nonintuitive error message when image can't be read
(inlined NCSA bitmap is indication enough that something's not
right for authors, and readers can't do anything about bad images
in any case).
o Obscure parsing bug (for constructs like <ADDRESS><A
HREF=...>text<A></ADDRESS>) fixed.
o Fixed mysterious stupid coredump that only hits Suns.
o Fixed stupid coredump on URL's like '://'.
o Fixed buglet in handling rlogin URL's.
o New support for Solaris/SYSVR4 (courtesy
o Better support for HP-UX 8.x and 9.x (courtesy
o Better support for NeXT (courtesy
o Some miscellaneous portability fixes (courtesy
o Miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups.
From 0.12 to 0.13
o Fixed occasional mysterious coredump in startup routines.
o Fixed occasional stupid coredump in freeing document text.
o Fixed silly coredump on accessing malformed URLs like
o Fixed URL parsing choke on accessing URL 'test.html#foobar' as
an initial program argument.
o Added system() call error reporting.
o Changed default anchor representations: blue and single solid
underline for unvisited, dark purple and single dashed underline
for visited.
o Jumping from 2nd+ document page to 1st document page in a
single document via anchors works now.
o Various glitches with scrollbars, document pages, etc. fixed.
o New toggle-button options (caseless, backwards) in File->Search
o File->Search doesn't put search results on top line of window.
o Use of -l flag for rlogins restored.
o Built-in finger interface with faces support (thanks, Marc V of
o Miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups.
From 0.11 to 0.12
o Files retrieved via binary transfer mode now get a file selection box
for user-provided filename.
o Inlined image widths are now taken into account when formatting
text & images together.
o Fixed trigger of server bug on some systems wrt freeing color cells.
o Inlined images work on 24-bit TrueColor servers now.
o GUI interface for mailing hotlist and window history lists.
o Support for <ol> (numbered lists).
o Better support for nested description lists.
o Support for <tt>, <b>, <i>, <em>, <strong>, <code>, <samp>,
<kbd>, <var>, and corresponding resources italicFont, boldFont, and
o Better 8-bit cleanliness.
o Bug with inlined images as anchors at end of documents fixed.
o Compact description lists: <dl compact> causes first line of <dd>
text to jump up on same line with <dt> if room exists.
o SGML representations of 8-bit ISO8859 characters now work.
o Fixed bugs with weird Lucida font metrics on DEC Alpha and a few
other servers.
o Fixed coredump triggered by <li>'s outside of a list.
o Fixed coredumps on malformed URL's like
o Fixed coredumps on malformed URL's like
o Various document types returned via WAIS searches are now
detected (by extension only) and forked to viewers as appropriate.
o Fixed minor bug with disappearing whitespace.
o Fixed bug with extraneous newlines in description lists in very
narrow windows.
o Fixed bug with erroneous description elements causing text to fall
off the left side of the screen.
o Audio annotations on HP systems with audio hardware work now.
o Default SGI audio annotation quality is lower now, to decrease disk
space usage.
o SCO Open Desktop support.
o Harris Nighthawk support.
o AIX 3.2 support for reading local directories.
o Minor bugfixes and cleanups.
From 0.10 to 0.11
o Bug fix for non-SGI X servers: bitmaps now show up with
correct (normal foreground and background) colors.
o Bug fix for Ultrix: no more meaningless coredumps when
closing windows.
From 0.9 to 0.10
o Support for <IMG> tag: inlined images in HTML documents.
o Handles X bitmap and GIF formats so far.
o New resource, colorsPerInlinedImage, can be used to restrict
color use of inlined images -- default is 50.
o Image files can be located anywhere on the net (pointed to by
URL); image data is cached in memory for fast display and
o Example of inlined bitmap:
<IMG SRC="file://">
o Example of inlined image serving as anchor:
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="file://"> </A>
o Better support for acting as binary file retrieval client.
o Each window can either be in binary transfer mode or not;
resource binaryTransferMode controls startup value (default
is 'False', and you probably don't want to change this). A
toggle button in the Options menu allows changing on the fly.
o If a window is not in binary trasfer mode, data files with
unrecognized types will be displayed in the window as either
plain text or HTML (depending on the server type), as before.
o If a window is in binary transfer mode, data files with
unrecognized types will be dumped to a local file after being
transferred over as binary data.
o Regardless of whether a window is in binary transfer mode or
not, files with recognizes types (images, sound, etc.) will be
handled as usual, and uncompression will be transparent as
o The whole point of all this is to allow the user to select on the
fly how a given file of an unrecognized type is to be handled.
o Because files are currently typed by filename extension,
binary transfer mode should generally be kept off, otherwise
it will screw up things like WAIS searches pretty badly. Also,
since Gopher does things differently from everyone else,
things are different there too.
o Setting one of the multimedia resources to the text string
"dump" will cause files of that type to be dumped to local
disk as though in binary transfer mode.
o See
for a more thorough discussion of these issues.
o Audio annotations for Sun's with /usr/demo/SOUND/record (or
something similar) are now enabled. Resources
recordCommandLocation and recordCommand are used to specify the
command used to record sound; theoretically, this approach can be
used on any platform with appropriate hardware and software,
although SGI Indigo & Sun Sparcstation are the only two that I know
o Search capability within documents: enter search term, scrollbar
jumps to match and match is highlighted; repeat as desired.
o Enhanced support for various Gopher types, including binary files
and CSO phonebooks (sorry, phonebooks aren't supported yet, but at
least now an error message shows up).
o Spaces converted to +'s in keyword queries now.
o Scrollbar arrows now increment a reasonable amount when viewing
large documents.
o Anonymous FTP password is now always user@host.domain,
enabling access to every strange FTP server out there that I know of.
o Pattern-matching to determine file type based on file name now uses
caseless string compare.
o Better default visited anchor color for non-SGI color displays.
o Messages from libwww now show up in pop-up dialogs like they
o Telnet never gets asked to use unrecognized -l flag.
o Tar files are now always retrieved to local disk (and not displayed).
o Replacement (and better) Archie interface.
o Mail Developers window is cleared on each use.
o New resource trackVisitedAnchors; can be used to turn off tracking
of visited anchors altogether.
o Better transparent uncompression support:
o Gzipped (.z) files are now recognized and uncompressed on
the fly (as well as .Z files, as before).
o New resources uncompressCommand (default 'uncompress')
and gunzipCommand (default 'gunzip').
o As usual, little bugfixes and cleanups.
From 0.8 to 0.9
o Some multimedia support. Yew asked for it...
PostScript automatically recognized.
o Pipe to external viewers (with viewers set via X resource
o Also retrieve images, audio over Gopher.
o But not over HTTP (unless you're running a modified HTTP
o Inlined MIME/multimedia support will be coming down the
road, so this is all just a temporary hack.
o Transparent handling of compressed (.Z) files.
o Hotlist now *always* saved after modification.
o Fixed occasional infinite loop/crash for some 8-bit documents.
o Fixed various parsing bugs associated with using <xmp> instead of
<plaintext> internally.
o Links to specific anchors now work properly.
o Fixed bug with failure in repeated accesses via FTP.
o Fixed bug with spurious ^M's in Gopher anchors.
o Fixed bug opening local file while visiting remote file.
o Fixed display bug with punctuation falling off end of line.
o Fixed problem with BadAlloc crashes on some servers.
o Annotation text features.
o Choice of annotation links in header or footer.
o Automatic (& fast) updating of annotations on every
document view.
o New defaultAuthorName resource to override use of normal
o Annotations now always use machine's full name.
o Menubar item 'Delete This Annotation'.
o Audio annotations (SGI only, so far).
o Fixed BadWindow bug for annotation window on DECstations.
o All plaintext files can now be annotated.
o Fixed occasional problem with size of hotlist/history windows.
o Added sample app-defaults files to distribution.
o New resources for multimedia stuff:
o gifViewerCommand (default 'xv')
o jpegViewerCommand (default 'xv')
o tiffViewerCommand (default 'xv')
o audioPlayerCommand (default 'showaudio' from Metamail
o aiffPlayerCommand (default 'sfplay' -- SGI specific)
o dviViewerCommand (default 'xdvi')
o mpegViewerCommand (default 'mpeg_play')
o mimeViewerCommand (default 'xterm -e metamail')
o xwdViewerCommand (default 'xwud -in')
o rgbViewerCommand (default 'ipaste' -- SGI specific)
o postscriptViewerCommand
o Deleted annotations now have all corresponding disk files removed.
o Mosaic is smarter about the <plaintext> HTML token at the head of
plaintext files.
o Lots of little cleanups and bug fixes.
From 0.7 to 0.8
o Telnet access is enabled for IBM systems (and others that don't define
'unix' by default).
o TN3270 access is now available (probably will only work on IBM
o Underline setting now carries from window to window like it should.
o Stupid little bugs nailed in open local file routines.
o More stupid little bugs nailed in opening multiple windows.
o Fixed buglet with text fields on some platforms.
o Most plaintext documents can now be annotated (except for results of
WAIS queries and those that use <plaintext> explicitly).
o Annotate and Edit Annotation menubar entries disabled for stupid Ultrix,
since the annotation window causes a spurious BadWindow error for no
apparent reason at all.
o Better colors (including brighter colors on non-SGI platforms).
o Makefile option to compile with mono colors as the default.
o Revised copyright notice.
o A few random bugfixes and cleanups.
From 0.6 to 0.7
o Annotations!
o Personal only (until smart servers get written).
o Automatic inlining of annotation pointers into documents.
o Annotations automatically persistent across sessions (naturally).
o Annotations are subsequently editable/removable.
o Lots of neat GUI things.
o Underlined anchors! You're gonna love this.
o 0, 1, 2, or 3 underlines for each of unvisited and previously
visited anchor types.
o Solid or dashed underlines for each of unvisited and previously
visited anchor types.
o Application exits when all windows are closed.
o Support for <menu> and <dir>.
o Better support for nested lists (filled bullets, empty bullets,
empty boxes).
o Better selection capabilities:
o Select by character.
o New resource, fancySelections: if true, selections will be
"pretty-printed" when pasted into a normal X window (with
underlined headers, bullets for lists, etc.). This is modifiable
per-window from the menubar also.
o Additional command-line argument: free-standing URL will be used as
home document, and overrides all other specifications (including
WWW_HOME, X resource homeDocument, and -home flag). Is that
enough ways to specify the home document??? :-)
o Additional command-line flag -mono, for getting black&white fallback
X defaults... you mono people out there are gonna have to let me know if
I'm providing a decent set of mono resources. Should there be a
distinction between -mono and -greyscale??
o Middle button button in scrolled lists is now equivalent of
double-clicking with left button.
o Performance enhancement for history window's future list.
o Fix for gopher connection port usage.
o Fix for proper gopher and WAIS document titles.
o Temporary fix to access Supreme Court documents on Cornell Law
School server (if manager of that server is out there, please contact me --
you have a problem).
o Option menu for document title/url display at top of window.
o Cute icons in upper right-hand corner of windows for quick window ID.
o Previous search keyword is trimmed correctly.
o Search keyword remains in text field until search is complete.
o New 'Clear Global History' option (to revert all anchors back to the
unvisited color).
o Fixed bug in hotlist geometry layout.
o Lots of new resources:
o confirmExit
o ghostviewCommand
o mailCommand
o printCommand
o xtermCommand
o globalHistoryFile
o defaultHotlistFile
o personalAnnotationDirectory
o Tabs now behave absolutely properly in preformatted text.
o Fixed premature signal setup causing coredump when ctrl-c was hit
during startup.
o Hotlist is saved every time it's changed, to avoid losing information.
o Busy cursor is used more often, as it should be.
o Better handling of telnet/xterm functions (forked into background;
browser never lands on 'telnet' document).
o Ghostview runs in background now.
o Changed application class name to 'XMosaic' for consistency.
o Minor bugfixes and cleanups.
From 0.5 to 0.6
History window now shows both 'where you've been' and
'where you can go'.
Previously visited nodes are colored differently, a la Midaswww;
this global history is automatically persistent across sessions.
New resources for customization, including:
Show URLs instead of Document Titles.
Customize window per document feature.
Optionally have pointer and focus warp to keyword entry field
when you reach a searchable node.
Optionally turn off global history mechanism.
Specify home document (overridden by WWW_HOME env variable).
Button2 can now activate anchors; forces a new window
to open (as with Window Per Document feature).
Going from a document necessarily wider than the window
(e.g. preformatted text) to a normal document will now
get rid of the horizontal scrollbar and reformat properly.
Scrollbar and document page state is maintained so stepping
through the history list lands you were last in each document.
Addition of Whine option under Help.
Addition of Go To and Go To Local options under Navigate.
Addition of outlet to Ghostview for PostScript documents
(this is a hack but it's a slick demo feature).
<listing> is now recognized.
Tabs now work in preformatted/plaintext regions.
Numeric character references are now handled.
Anchors without href's aren't colored anymore.
Search Keyword field's sensitivity is managed correctly now.
SIGINT now interrupts network connections too
(so you can hit Ctrl-C in shell window at any time).
Memory leak in document reformatting nailed.
Cloning a window is now intelligent and doesn't do a network
reload; also, window size is maintained.
Layout glitches fixed.
Text selection glitches fixed.
Other misc bugfixes and cleanups.
Better help.
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