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Investigation of the existing code modules.


NetworkUI - main GUI scaffolding stuff, menus, etc GUIEvent - handles mouse and kbd events ContextMenu - context menus for canvas, edge, node, via (control point) NetworkView - handles the main pane State - current GUI state PDDefaults - manages save/load/modification of the document, as the GUI stuff Colors - what it says Constants - what it says DisplayOptions - which of global info, node labels, node info, edge info to show. Palette - shapes for rendering the network items Shape - manages/renders items from the palette StateUtil - ?


Math - utility stuff Common - utilities CommonIO - IO utils SafetyNet - error handlers XTC - not used.


Document - is a network and a selection, and some ops on it Network - the main data structure. Has Nodes, Edges, a Palette, Canvas size and extra Info InfoKind - need to clarify NetworkControl - modifies network in reaction to GUI events NetworkFile - reads and writes network file in XML format. Operations - user defined operations on the network. PersistentDocument - Handles the document over time, including undo/redo

Everything works around the Network, which has three type placeholders g - The global state type n - The type applied to a node e - The type applied to an edge.

The InfoKind class is used to trigger type checking when needed.

class (Eq a, Show a, Parse a, XmlContent a) => InfoKind a g | a -> g where blank :: a check :: String -> g -> a -> [String] -- returns warnings -- ^ first arg is container label for error reporting. -- second arg is global value

blank provides an empty item which will pass the check function.

Require an instance of InfoKind n g for the node constructor Require an instance of InfoKind e g for the edge constructor