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// File: SiftGPU.h
// Author: Changchang Wu
// Description : interface for the SIFTGPU class.
// SiftGPU: The SiftGPU Tool.
// SiftGPUEX: SiftGPU + viewer
// SiftParam: Sift Parameters
// SiftMatchGPU: GPU SIFT Matcher;
// Copyright (c) 2007 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
// All Rights Reserved
// Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its
// documentation for educational, research and non-profit purposes, without
// fee, and without a written agreement is hereby granted, provided that the
// above copyright notice and the following paragraph appear in all copies.
// The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill make no representations
// about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is provided
// 'as is' without express or implied warranty.
// Please send BUG REPORTS to
#ifndef GPU_SIFT_H
#define GPU_SIFT_H
#if defined(_WIN32)
#define SIFTGPU_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
#define SIFTGPU_EXPORT __declspec(dllimport)
#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#if !defined(_MAX_PATH)
#if defined (MAX_PATH)
#define _MAX_PATH 512
//clss SiftParam
//description: SIFT parameters
class GlobalUtil;
class SiftParam
float* _sigma;
float _sigma_skip0; //
float _sigma_skip1; //
//sigma of the first level
float _sigma0;
float _sigman;
int _sigma_num;
//how many dog_level in an octave
int _dog_level_num;
int _level_num;
//starting level in an octave
int _level_min;
int _level_max;
int _level_ds;
//dog threshold
float _dog_threshold;
//edge elimination
float _edge_threshold;
void ParseSiftParam();
float GetLevelSigma(int lev);
float GetInitialSmoothSigma(int octave_min);
class GLTexInput;
class ShaderMan;
class SiftPyramid;
class ImageList;
//class SIftGPU
//description: Interface of SiftGPU lib
class SiftGPU:public SiftParam
SIFTGPU_PARTIAL_SUPPORTED = 1, // detction works, but not orientation/descriptor
typedef struct SiftKeypoint
float x, y, s, o; //x, y, scale, orientation.
//when more than one images are specified
//_current indicates the active one
int _current;
//_initialized indicates if the shaders and OpenGL/SIFT parameters are initialized
//they are initialized only once for one SiftGPU inistance
//that is, SIFT parameters will not be changed
int _initialized;
//_image_loaded indicates if the current images are loaded
int _image_loaded;
//the name of current input image
char _imgpath[_MAX_PATH];
//_outpath containes the name of the output file
char _outpath[_MAX_PATH];
//the list of image filenames
ImageList * _list;
//the texture that holds loaded input image
GLTexInput * _texImage;
//the SiftPyramid
SiftPyramid * _pyramid;
SiftPyramid ** _pyramids;
int _nPyramid;
//print out the command line options
static void PrintUsage();
//Initialize OpenGL and SIFT paremeters, and create the shaders accordingly
void InitSiftGPU();
//load the image list from a file
void LoadImageList(char *imlist);
//timing results for 10 steps
float _timing[10];
//set the image list for processing
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetImageList(int nimage, const char** filelist);
//get the number of SIFT features in current image
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int GetFeatureNum();
//save the SIFT result as a ANSCII/BINARY file
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SaveSIFT(const char * szFileName);
//Copy the SIFT result to two vectors
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void GetFeatureVector(SiftKeypoint * keys, float * descriptors);
//Set keypoint list before running sift to get descriptors
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetKeypointList(int num, const SiftKeypoint * keys, int keys_have_orientation = 1);
//Enable downloading results to CPU.
//create a new OpenGL context for processing
//call VerifyContextGL instead if you want to crate openGL context yourself, or your are
//mixing mixing siftgpu with other openGL code
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int CreateContextGL();
//verify the current opengl context..
//(for example, you call wglmakecurrent yourself and verify the current context)
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int VerifyContextGL();
//check if all siftgpu functions are supported
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int IsFullSupported();
//set verbose mode
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetVerbose(int verbose = 4);
//set SiftGPU to brief display mode, which is faster
inline void SetVerboseBrief(){SetVerbose(2);};
//parse SiftGPU parameters
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void ParseParam(int argc, char **argv);
//retrieve the size of current input image
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void GetImageDimension(int &w, int&h);
//run SIFT on a new image given filename
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int RunSIFT(char * imgpath);
//run SIFT on an image in the image list given the file index
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int RunSIFT(int index);
//run SIFT on a new image given the pixel data and format/type;
//gl_format (e.g. GL_LUMINANCE, GL_RGB) is the format of the pixel data
//gl_type (e.g. GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, GL_FLOAT) is the data type of the pixel data;
//Check glTexImage2D(...format, type,...) for the accepted values
//Using image data of GL_LUMINANCE + GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE can minimize transfer time
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int RunSIFT(int width, int height, const void * data,
unsigned int gl_format, unsigned int gl_type);
//run SIFT on current image (specified by arguments), or processing the current image again
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int RunSIFT();
//run SIFT with keypoints on current image again.
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int RunSIFT(int num, const SiftKeypoint * keys, int keys_have_orientation = 1);
//constructor, (np is the number of pyramids)
SIFTGPU_EXPORT SiftGPU(int np = 1);
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual ~SiftGPU();
//set the active pyramid
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetActivePyramid(int index);
//retrieve the number of images in the image list
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int GetImageCount();
//set parameter GlobalUtil::_ForceTightPyramid
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetTightPyramid(int tight = 1);
//allocate pyramid for a given size of image
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int AllocatePyramid(int width, int height);
//none of the texture in processing can be larger
//automatic down-sample is used if necessary.
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetMaxDimension(int sz);
//overload the new operator because delete operator is virtual
//and it is operating on the heap inside the dll (due to the
//compiler setting of /MT and /MTd). Without the overloaded operator
//deleting a SiftGPU object will cause a heap corruption in the
//static link case (but not for the runtime dll loading).
//SIFTGPU_EXPORT void* operator new (size_t size);
//class SIftGPUEX
//description: add viewing extension to Interface of SiftGPU
class SiftGPUEX:public SiftGPU
//view mode
int _view;
//sub view mode
int _sub_view;
//whether display a debug view
int _view_debug;
//colors for SIFT feature display
enum{COLOR_NUM = 36};
float _colors[COLOR_NUM*3];
//display functions
void DisplayInput(); //display gray level image of input image
void DisplayDebug(); //display debug view
void DisplayFeatureBox(int i); //display SIFT features
void DisplayLevel(void (*UseDisplayShader)(), int i); //display one level image
void DisplayOctave(void (*UseDisplayShader)(), int i); //display all images in one octave
//display different content of Pyramid by specifying different data and display shader
//the first nskip1 levels and the last nskip2 levels are skiped in display
void DisplayPyramid( void (*UseDisplayShader)(), int dataName, int nskip1 = 0, int nskip2 = 0);
//use HSVtoRGB to generate random colors
static void HSVtoRGB(float hsv[3],float rgb[3]);
//change view mode
SIFTGPU_EXPORT void SetView(int view, int sub_view, char * title);
//display current view
//toggle debug mode on/off
SIFTGPU_EXPORT void ToggleDisplayDebug();
//randomize the display colors
SIFTGPU_EXPORT void RandomizeColor();
///matcher export
//This is a gpu-based sift match implementation.
class SiftMatchGPU
SIFTMATCH_SAME_AS_SIFTGPU = 0, //when siftgpu already initialized.
int __max_sift;
int __language;
SiftMatchGPU * __matcher;
virtual void InitSiftMatch(){}
//OpenGL Context creation/verification, initialization is done automatically inside
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int CreateContextGL();
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int VerifyContextGL();
//Consructor, the argument specifies the maximum number of features to match
SIFTGPU_EXPORT SiftMatchGPU(int max_sift = 4096);
//chagne gpu_language : 0(same as siftgpu), 1 (cg), 2 (glsl), 3 (cuda)
//they can the four in SIFTMATCH_LANGUAGE.
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetLanguage(int gpu_language);
//change the maximum of features to match whenever you want
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetMaxSift(int max_sift);
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual ~SiftMatchGPU();
//Specifiy descriptors to match, index = [0/1] for two features sets respectively
//Option1, use float descriptors, and they be already normalized to 1.0
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetDescriptors(int index, int num, const float* descriptors, int id = -1);
//Option 2 unsigned char descriptors. They must be already normalized to 512
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetDescriptors(int index, int num, const unsigned char * descriptors, int id = -1);
//match two sets of features, the function RETURNS the number of matches.
//Given two normalized descriptor d1,d2, the distance here is acos(d1 *d2);
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int GetSiftMatch(
int max_match, // the length of the match_buffer.
int match_buffer[][2], //buffer to receive the matched feature indices
float distmax = 0.7, //maximum distance of sift descriptor
float ratiomax = 0.8, //maximum distance ratio
int mutual_best_match = 1); //mutual best match or one way
//two functions for guded matching, two constraints can be used
//one homography and one fundamental matrix, the use is as follows
//1. for each image, first call SetDescriptor then call SetFeatureLocation
//2. Call GetGuidedSiftMatch
//input feature location is a vector of [float x, float y, float skip[gap]]
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual void SetFeautreLocation(int index, const float* locations, int gap = 0);
inline void SetFeatureLocation(int index, const SiftGPU::SiftKeypoint * keys)
SetFeautreLocation(index, (const float*) keys, 2);
//use a guiding Homography H and a guiding Fundamental Matrix F to compute feature matches
//the function returns the number of matches.
SIFTGPU_EXPORT virtual int GetGuidedSiftMatch(
int max_match, int match_buffer[][2], //buffer to recieve
float H[3][3], //homography matrix, (Set NULL to skip)
float F[3][3], //fundamental matrix, (Set NULL to skip)
float distmax = 0.7, //maximum distance of sift descriptor
float ratiomax = 0.8, //maximum distance ratio
float hdistmax = 32, //threshold for |H * x1 - x2|_1
float fdistmax = 16, //threshold for sampson error of x2'FX1
int mutual_best_match = 1); //mutual best or one way
//overload the new operator, the same reason as SiftGPU above
//SIFTGPU_EXPORT void* operator new (size_t size);
//Two exported global functions used to create SiftGPU and SiftMatchGPU
SIFTGPU_EXPORT SiftGPU * CreateNewSiftGPU(int np =1);
SIFTGPU_EXPORT SiftMatchGPU * CreateNewSiftMatchGPU(int max_sift = 4096);
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