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Syntax for staload

Macros in the path

In ATS2, keyword staload is followed by a literal string, which specifies the location of the file to be loaded. Besides those relative path and absolute path commonly seen, we can use macro inside the literal string. One example goes as follows:

staload "{$GTK}/SATS/gdk.sats"

The GTK is not a system environment variable. It is actually a macro defined in the ATS code. For example, we can use the following code to set the GTK to the directory containing ATS2 code for gdk library.

#define GTK_targetloc "~/codebase/contrib/GTK"
staload "{$GTK}/SATS/gdk.sats"


When we use define to define the macro, we are actually using the name GTK_targetloc, not GTK.

There are some special macros we can use, which are provided by the ATS2 compiler, e.g. PATSHOME and PATSHOMERELOC. The following example shows their usage:

#define GTK_targetloc "$PATSHOMERELOC/contrib/GTK"

The macro PATSHOMERELOC in ATS2 compiler is from the environment variable PATSHOMERELOC, which is set in the environment before executing patscc or patsopt.


The macro PATSHOMERELOC is normally set to the contrib package released along with ATS.

Going further, let's have a look of the file $PATSHOME/share/HATS/atspre_define_pdgreloc.hats, which is included by the file $PATSHOME/share/atspre_define.hats, which is commonly included in almost all dats files.

ZLOG_targetloc "$PATSHOMERELOC/contrib/zlog"
JSONC_sourceloc "$PATSLIB_URL/contrib/json-c"
JSONC_targetloc "$PATSHOMERELOC/contrib/json-c"

An ATS program using libraries of zlog and json-c would need to include the following snippet of code:

#include "share/atspre_define.hats"

staload "{$JSONC}/SATS/json_ML.sats"