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⚠️ Version 2 Incoming ⚠️

This branch is for version 1, which is not being actively maintained. All development has been focused on version 2, which splits the project into many small libraries that are designed to work together.

There will be an announcement when the version 2 modules are feature-complete with everything from version 1, but the water is warm so don't be afraid to jump in.

Click here to view the D3plus 2.0 branch

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A javascript library that extends the popular D3.js to enable fast and beautiful visualizations.

Helpful Links

Development Environment

Clone the repo:

git clone

Move into that directory:

cd d3plus

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Run the gulp process:


Gulp will run a server on your local machine at port 4000, and whenever you change a source file it will re-compile d3plus.js and reload your browser!

Additionally, the gulp process watches for any files in a directory titles "/tests". If you place all of your test .html files in a directory of that name, the gulp process will also detect any file changes and refresh the browser.

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