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A pure JavaScript version of the service provided at

Command line interface

Install jsonlint with npm to use the command line interface:

npm install jsonlint -g

Validate a file like so:

jsonlint myfile.json

or pipe input into stdin:

cat myfile.json | jsonlint

jsonlint will either report a syntax error with details or pretty print the source if it is valid.


$ jsonlint -h
Usage: jsonlint <file> [options]

<file>		file to parse; otherwise uses stdin

-v, --version		print version and exit
-s, --sort-keys		sort object keys
-i, --in-place		overwrite the file
-t CHAR, --indent CHAR		character(s) to use for indentation

Module interface

I'm not sure why you wouldn't use the built in JSON.parse but you can use jsonlint from a CommonJS module:

var jsonlint = require("jsonlint");

jsonlint.parse('{"creative?": false}');

It returns the parsed object or throws an Error.