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ajs (asmjit superoptimiser)

AJS is an assembly superoptimiser written for aiding the development of the mpir library, developed as part of the OpenDreamKit project funded by the Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructures Work Programme. AJS is built using a patched version Petr Kobalicek's asmjit C++ library which can be found at, so in order to build this using make you will need a copy of the asmjit library source (but not the tests and build scripts) in a subfolder of this directory called asmjit, for example by running:

git clone ~/
ln -s ~/asmjit/src/asmjit/ ~/ajs/

replacing ~/ with another path if required.

You can then (hopefully) run make ajs to build the superoptimiser. If this was successful ./ajs --help will show usage information. The helper script superopt is handy for optimising files which require pre-processing (via m4 or yasm) as it will do this for you and pipe the output to ajs. Its basic usage is ./superopt YOUR-FILE, for more information run ./superopt --help. For this to work you will need a copy of m4 installed and a built version of the MPIR source located in the directory above ajs, if this is not the case the script can be modified to work by changing the MPIR_ROOT variable inside.

There is also a script called mpir that will automatically call superopt for many MPIR functions, this uses the .txt files whose names are given in sigs.txt to determine the function signatures.

AJS is no longer being actively developed full time, but if you try to use it and have issues please report them and I'll take a look when I can.


  • Alex J. Best - initial version
  • Alexander Kruppa - vast improvements and bugfixes, first useful version?


  • Intel (YASM) and AT&T (GAS) syntax input supported.
  • Automatic and manual dependency detection
  • Transforming swaps
  • nop insertion

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