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2008-11-23 Michael Olson <>
* examples/ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Loop in Muse closer to
the beginning of the publishing process, so that other
HTML-producing Ikiwiki plugins can do their thing after we are
done with the document. Otherwise, we would end up escaping their
HTML. Detect Muse-style directives. Treat #tag, #tags, and
#category directives like an Ikiwiki tag directive. Treat every
other directive as an Ikiwiki meta directive.
* lisp/muse-docbook.el (muse-docbook-markup-paragraph): Honor the
muse-no-paragraph property. Use muse-end-list as the property
name rather than end-list.
* lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-paragraph): Honor the
muse-no-paragraph property. Use muse-end-list as the property
name rather than end-list.
* lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el (muse-ikiwiki-markup-regexps)
(muse-ikiwiki-markup-directive): Pass through Ikiwiki directives
during publishing without modifying them.
* lisp/muse-xml.el (muse-xml-markup-paragraph): Honor the
muse-no-paragraph property. Use muse-end-list as the property
name rather than end-list.
* lisp/muse.el (muse-forward-paragraph, muse-forward-list-item):
Use muse-end-list as the property name rather than end-list.
2008-11-01 Michael Olson <>
* examples/ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (import): Add hook for
(getsetup): New function that provides info about this plugin.
* lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-unhighlight-region): Reset
muse-no-flyspell property.
* lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el (muse-colors-ikiwiki-directive): Fix some
logic errors with quote detection. Remove flyspell overlays and
set a property to inhibit them.
* lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-mode-flyspell-p): Don't highlight at
point if muse-no-flyspell property present.
2008-10-30 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el (muse-ikiwiki-directive): New face for
coloring Ikiwiki directives.
(muse-colors-ikiwiki-directive): Colorize ikiwiki directives.
(muse-ikiwiki-insinuate-colors): Stuff to do when both
muse-ikiwiki and muse-colors are loaded.
* lisp/muse-wiki.el: Move some code out of eval-after-load
2008-10-13 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-regexp, muse-colors-vector):
(muse-colors-highlighting.regexp, muse-colors-highlighting.vector)
(muse-colors-find-highlighting, muse-colors-define-highlighting):
New scheme for separating highlighting rules according to
(muse-configure-highlighting, muse-use-font-lock): Use
(muse-colors-region): Permit the vector to contain more than one
rule. Handle case where we have rules that are not in the vector
and do not have the same function handler. Make sure that the
match data exactly corresponds to the regexp that goes with the
(muse-colors-custom-tags, muse-colors-explicit-link): No need to
explicitly call `looking-at', because the match data will be
(muse-colors-implicit-link): Use match-string 0 instead of
match-string 1, now that the match data is accurate.
* lisp/muse-wiki.el (muse-wiki-update-project-file-regexp)
(muse-wiki-wikiword-regexp): Call muse-colors-define-highlighting.
(muse-wiki-update-interwiki-regexp): Only update the highlighting
if the value has changed.
2008-10-12 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse.el (muse-write-file): Make nomessage argument
2008-10-09 Michael Olson <>
* examples/ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Move here from
examples/ikiwiki/muse. Encode/decode UTF-8 properly. Take pains
to remove the temp file. Die on errors. Remove test sub.
* examples/ikiwiki/muse-init-project.el: Remove server stuff.
* lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el (muse-ikiwiki-publish-file): Set
font-lock-verbose to nil to avoid spurious messages when
publishing. Silence the "Wrote file" message.
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-batch-publish-files): Set
font-lock-verbose to nil to avoid spurious messages when
* lisp/muse.el (muse-write-file): Take NOMESSAGE argument.
* texi/muse.texi (Ikiwiki): Add instructions for using
2008-09-30 Clinton Ebadi <>
* muse-latex2png (muse-latex2png): Use call-process rather than
shell-command-to-string, so that filenames with spaces in them are
handled correctly.
2008-09-28 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-this-file): Handle style
arguments that are strings.
2008-09-18 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup): Do not skip past the
beginning of the buffer even if the first character is read-only.
This fixes a bug where the first paragraph would not be published
properly if it started with a link.
2008-09-17 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-alist-styles): If output
directory is a remote path, do not try to expand it. This fixes a
bug where Tramp could be invoked during startup if this function
is used in the definition of muse-project-alist.
2008-09-13 Wang Diancheng <>
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-regexps): Use
* lisp/muse-regexps.el (muse-table-el-line-regexp): New regexp
that represents lines in table.el style tables.
2008-08-07 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-slide-tag): Mark all frames as
fragile, so that <example> works. This may be slower, but it is
always correct, and requires no additional work on my end.
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-publish-this-file): Correctly
pass style to muse-publish-this-file. This fixes a bug when using
C-c C-v on a file not part of any project.
2008-07-28 Michael Olson <>
* examples/ikiwiki/muse: New file that provides a plugin for
Ikiwiki that allows it to publish Muse files.
* examples/ikiwiki/muse-init-project.el: Sample Muse init file
that provides project-aware publishing of single files for
* examples/ikiwiki/muse-init-simple.el: Sample Muse init file that
provides basic single-file publishing support for Ikiwiki.
* texi/muse.texi (Ikiwiki): Finish documenting Ikiwiki support.
2008-07-22 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-pdf-program): New option that
determines the program to use when browsing a PDF file.
(muse-latex-pdf-browse-file): Use it.
* lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-browse-result): Support styles that use
an output suffix, such as PDF.
* texi/muse.texi (LaTeX): Document muse-latex-pdf-browser.
2008-07-21 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-src-allowed-modes): Docfix.
* lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el: New file that supports integration with
* texi/muse.texi (Ikiwiki): Document new options and style.
2008-07-20 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-browse-result): Publish page before
viewing it. This addresses Bug #5172.
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-publish-this-file): Accept a
new STYLE argument to specify which publishing style to use.
2008-07-09 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-slide-tag): Make sure tags inside
of a <slide> tag get published. Thanks to Philipp Grau for the
2008-05-18 Michael Olson <>
* texi/muse.texi (Tag Summary): Document the <div> tag.
2008-05-18 Alex Ott <>
* lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-div-tag): New function which
publishes a <div> tag.
(muse-html-markup-tags): Add entry for "div".
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-tags): Add entry for
(muse-publish-div-tag): By default, ignore <div> tags.
2008-04-16 Michael Olson <>
* Makefile.defs.default (DEBNAME, LASTUPLOAD, BUILDOPTS)
(DISTRIBUTOR): Remove obsolete variables.
* Makefile (debclean, debprepare, debbuild, debinstall, deb):
Remove obsolete targets.
2008-03-31 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-make-faces-default): Improve docstring
for muse-header-{1-3} faces.
2008-03-26 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-publish-this-file): Make sure
that we follow the same rules as muse-project-publish-file,
including creating the publishing directory if it does not exist.
Thanks to Peter Jones for the report and initial patch.
2008-03-25 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-current-project-global): New variable
that saves the value of muse-current-project across temporary
buffers when publishing.
(muse-project-publish-this-file, muse-project-publish): Save
(muse-project-save-buffers): Save the current buffer, so that this
does not throw off publishing.
(muse-project-set-variables): Set muse-current-project if it is
nil and there is a saved value for it. Thanks to Peter Jones for
the report.
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-batch-publishing-p)
(muse-publishing-p): Docfix.
(muse-inhibit-before-publish-hook): New variable that indicates
whether muse-before-publish-hook should be inhibited.
(muse-publish-markup-buffer): Use it.
(muse-publish-file): Call muse-before-publish-hook here, so that
we can run it before checking for file-local variables, since
values set by the latter should overlay values set by the former.
Bind muse-inhibit-before-publish-hook to t so that we do not call
the hook twice.
2008-03-16 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-journal.el (muse-journal-html-munge-buffer)
(muse-journal-latex-munge-buffer, muse-journal-rss-munge-buffer):
Use nil instead of current-time-zone to fix a bug where dates
could be interpreted incorrectly. We don't allow the user to
specify the hour or minute, so it does not make sense to take the
current time zone into account. Thanks to Xin Shi for the report.
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup): When point is on a
read-only character, skip to the next non-read-only character.
This works around a weird edge case with the table-el rule, and
seems like a good thing to do in general. Thanks to Suno Ano for
the report.
(muse-publish-table-el-table): Only proceed with table generation
if we have located a non-read-only "|" character.
2008-02-23 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-wiki.el (muse-wiki-project-files-with-spaces): Fix
2008-02-22 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-read-project-file): Delete duplicates
before calling muse-completing-read-function, since
ido-completing-read does not do this.
* lisp/muse.el (muse-delete-dups): New compatibility function.
2008-02-19 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-src-allowed-modes): New option that
specifies the modes that we permit the <src> tag to colorize.
(muse-html-src-tag): Use it. Use intern-soft instead of intern.
* lisp/muse-latex2png.el (muse-publish-latex-tag)
* lisp/muse-poem.el (muse-poem-markup-tag):
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-literal-tag)
(muse-publish-lisp-tag, muse-publish-command-tag)
(muse-publish-perl-tag, muse-publish-php-tag)
(muse-publish-python-tag, muse-publish-ruby-tag)
(muse-publish-include-tag, muse-publish-mark-up-tag): Mark these
tags as potentially dangerous for text written by untrusted
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-mark-up-tag): Use intern-soft
instead of intern.
(muse-publish-enable-dangerous-tags): New option that determines
whether to publish tags that can call external programs or expose
sensitive information. This is useful to set to nil for
publishing files from untrusted sources.
2008-02-10 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-enable-local-variables): New
option that determines whether to interpret local variables when
publishing. The default is not to do so.
(muse-publish-file): Interpret local variables if the user wants
this. Thanks to Sebastian Tennant for the idea.
* texi/muse.texi (Extending Muse): Flatten nodes by removing
Common Elements and grouping its subsections under this chapter.
(Style Elements): Use @defun. Fix arguments to muse-define-style.
Thanks to Sebastian Tennant for the report. Explain the arguments
of the function for :final.
(Deriving Styles): Use @defun. Fix argument names.
(Embedded Lisp): Drop mention of this being the only tag allowed
in headers and footers. Thanks to Phillip Lord for the
(Tag Summary): Mention muse-publish-markup-header-footer-tags.
2008-02-02 Michael Olson <>
* Makefile.defs.default (INFODIR): Place files in .../share/info,
rather than .../info. Thanks to gour for the suggestion.
2008-01-29 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse.el (muse-insert-file-contents): Fix bug where end of
line conversion was not happening on Windows. Thanks to Sacha
Chua for the report.
2008-01-28 Michael Olson <>
* Release Emacs Muse 3.12.
* NEWS: Update.
* Update copyright years.
* examples/mwolson: Update init file, stylesheets, and templates.
* etc/muse.rnc: Add support for the <br> tag. Don't allow <cite>
tags inside of format elements.
* lisp/muse-groff.el (muse-groff-markup-strings)
* lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-strings)
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-markup-strings)
* lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-markup-strings)
* lisp/muse-xml.el (muse-xml-markup-strings): Add markup string
for line-break.
* lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-of-file): Fix bug where
directory names without slashes in projects were not being
recognized. Thanks to Mirko Vukovic and ktneely for the report.
2008-01-23 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-header)
(muse-latex-slides-header, muse-latex-lecture-notes-header):
Default to using UTF-8, rather than latin1.
* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-url): Add comments. Move
target detection higher. Use unescaped description for image
links, so that they don't get erroneously escaped. Thanks to Suno
Ano for the report.
2008-01-15 Michael Olson <>
* Makefile.defs.default (DESTDIR): New variable which allows the
destination directory to be easily set. Thanks to gour for the
* README (Compilation): Don't mention PREFIX, ELISPDIR, and
(Installation): Mention DESTDIR and PREFIX.
* texi/muse.texi: Update copyright year.
(Installation): Don't mention PREFIX, ELISPDIR, and INFODIR in the
compilation step. Do mention DESTDIR and PREFIX in the
installation step.
2008-01-06 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse.el (muse-with-temp-buffer): Don't keep track of undo
information. Update documentation.
See ChangeLog.4 for earlier changes.
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