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This is a listing of those who have made contributions of code or
documentation to Muse.
John Wiegley: Original author
Michael Olson: Current maintainer
Trent Buck: Contributor,
muse-latex.el: 4 lines changed.
Sacha Chua: Contributor -- documentation
(assigned past and future changes)
Brad Collins: Contributor, author of examples/muse.rnc schema
(assigned past and future changes)
Li Daobing: Contributor, author of muse-mathml.el
(assigned past and future changes)
Yann Hodique: Contributor, author of muse-wiki.el
(assigned past and future changes)
Peter K. Lee: Contributor,
muse-xml.el: Ideas and markup strings taken.
muse-publish.el: 11 lines changed.
(assignment pending)
Phillip Lord: Contributor,
muse-colors.el: 3 lines changed.
Jim Ottaway: Contributor,
muse-latex.el: 1 line changed.
muse-mode.el: 7 lines changed.
muse-texinfo.el: 4 lines changed.
muse-wiki.el: 7 lines changed.
(assignment pending)
Andrea Riciputi: Idea taken from code, but re-implemented
Dale P. Smith: Contributor
(disclaimed changes to Emacs)
John Sullivan: Contributor -- documentation
(employed by FSF)
Ganesh Swami: Original author of muse-latex2png.el
(assignment pending)
Gary Vaughan: Original author of emacs-wiki-blosxom.el, which was the
basis for muse-blosxom.el
(assigned past and future changes)
Sergey Vlasov: Contributor,
muse-colors.el: 3 lines changed.
Lan Yufeng: Contributor,
muse-colors.el: 1 line changed.
Contributed software
This is a listing of authors of software in the `contrib' directory.
Nathan Kent Bullock:, (no license)
Eric Marsden: cgi.el (assigned past and future changes to FSF)
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