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Solid infill every X layer produces no infill for this layer #1045

MaikStohn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Maik Stohn Alessandro Ranellucci
Maik Stohn


I have a strange problem with the current head version of slic3r.

From time to time I have no infill inside of the object for a complete layer.
I use a very tiny (0.2 airbrush) nozzle which requires small layer heights.

I narrowed down the problem that it only happens with a layer height of <= 0.1 (0.15 ... 0.101 working correct, 0.1, 0.099, ... show the problem)

It also happens exact to the "solid infill layers" only
(Strange thing: When I set "Solid infill every X layer" to 0 it still produces empty layers from time to time).

Here is my config + stl + example (wrong) gcode output: [1.8 MB]


Alessandro Ranellucci

Heh, I expected this kind of reports. See discussion for #240

Alessandro Ranellucci alexrj closed this
Maik Stohn

I think this is not related to #240.

I used 100% infill for the complete object. So for sure no empty layer and no bridging is needed inside of the object.

Can you explain to me what I can do to avoid empty infill layer in 100% filled objects?


Alessandro Ranellucci

What's the problem? There will be no empty layer, as the first solid shell will have enough flow to fill everything.

Maybe that logic should be excluded when using fill_density = 1...

Alessandro Ranellucci alexrj reopened this
Alessandro Ranellucci alexrj closed this
Maik Stohn

On my printer it really causes problems (tiny nozzle, small layer height).

The bridges above the empty layer have no adhesion to the lower filled layer and moving the nozzle above them sometimes cause damages (pulling material out and smear it over the surface).

I fully understand the logic for your decision in #240 and believe it works fine with bigger nozzles / bigger layer heights. I will try to tweak the bridge flow ratio to squeeze even more material for bridging to overcome this problem.

Nevertheless the problem outlined in my bug report is that there is just no bridging needed since the complete object was filled using 100% (no sparse) infill.

Alessandro Ranellucci

@MaikStohn, I just committed a change that disables internal bridges when fill_density == 1

Maik Stohn

Thank you very much.

Works as intended.

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