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Support material not being generated #229

rtgoodwin opened this Issue Feb 26, 2012 · 7 comments

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Looks like it's just skipping the step entirely. Several reported in IRC, and here's another example model that should be generating support:

Looking at the gcode in pronterface there are several layers that start many layers up, which I think defies the law of physics :)



I haven't been able to generate any STL with support material so far. Even a simple "laying cylinder" that I made as a testfile did not lead to any support in the generated gcode. I tried several complex and less complex models, but none of them were sliced with support..

Actually I'm missing some kind of option in slic3r to define the overhang angle that will print without support. There's only a little checkbox showing up in the settings/config where you can activate support and a dropdown list to choose primary/secondary extruder for support material. I'm using ubuntu linux 11.10 and slic3r 0.7.1.

s4lt3d commented Apr 2, 2012

I have this same issue with Version 0.7.1. I have a print that needs support but the option to generate support material using primary material is not working for me. I sent a donation of $5 hoping you can take a look at it.



(I've also been having the same problem with the latest Github checkout.)

I hope this is fixed soon! I have a ton of things that I would love to print that have ~40 degree overhangs and currently can't be printed.


wuflnor commented Apr 4, 2012

same here, support material in version 0.7.1 is not being generated


I have been trying to generate support material on both 0.7.0 and 0.7.1 but still no support material.

I will try to generate from Mac OS since I have used Win7 version yet.

Does anyone get a solution for it?


The same for this test:
No support material generated with 0.7.1

alexrj commented Apr 16, 2012

Support material logic has changed much, so I'm closing this. I'm going to release next version soon.

@alexrj alexrj closed this May 1, 2012
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