Feature request - choose extruder for solid and interior fill separately #618

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I'm starting to experiment with dual extrusion, and it's nice to be able to set the extruder for infill and perimeters separately, but I'd like to be able to do the solid fill on the top and bottom with the same extruder I'm using for the perimeters and only use the other extruder for interior fill. It would be nice to be able to select these independently.

alexrj commented Aug 19, 2012

Your idea makes sense.

alexrj commented Aug 19, 2012

I was going to implement it now, but I realized that the option can't be named Solid infill extruder because it should only apply to external solid infill rather than all solid infills (which we have inside the object too).

I'm a bit unsure I want to add a External solid infill extruder option, since Slic3r will provide other means for achieving your goals when multi-material files will be supported (hopefully soon). Let me think some more.

alexrj commented Sep 28, 2012

What are your thoughts (yours and everybody else's)? Should this be called "external infill extruder"? or perhaps "top/bottom infill extruder"?


A bit wordy, but "external solid infill extruder" might be most clear.


Option 1) Extruders

Surface Perim
Surface Infil 
Internal Infill
Support Material
Support Interface

OR - have a checkbox

top/bottom solid infil match perimeter [X]  
 - if checked, use the Perimeter Extruder for top/bottom Solid Infill
 - if unchecked, use the Infill Extruder for top/bottom Solid Infill

Would it also be possible to select which extruder is used for the brim? The brim, as I understand it, is used to help the piece adhere to the table. If the exterior perimeter is made from ABS and the support is made from PLA, then the brim is also made from PLA and not really helping the piece adhere.

If I am misunderstanding this or doing something wrong, then I'm open to suggestions.

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alexrj commented Nov 26, 2014

I've changed my mind. :-)
I think applying the solid infill extruder to the solid shells as well, and not only to the external visible layers, makes more sense.

alexrj commented Nov 26, 2014

Regarding brim, maybe we should just use the perimeter extruder for it.

@alexrj alexrj added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 16, 2014
@alexrj New --solid-infill-extruder option. Includes a refactoring of the str…
…ategy used to order layer extrusions according to their extruder and island; toolchanges and travel moves should be more optimized now. #618
alexrj commented Dec 16, 2014

Done. A new option for choosing the solid infill extruder is now in, and I switched brim to use perimeter extruder as @spac3man proposed.

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