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@alicerunsonfedora alicerunsonfedora released this Feb 15, 2019 · 231 commits to master since this release

This release continues to build on the 0.x release with bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

New features

  • Profile panels are now live! Quickly view information about a profile and view their latest statuses without leaving Hyperspace.
  • Threads are now visible in Hyperspace! Just click "Show thread" to see the previous and next posts for a given status.


  • Boost cards will now dynamically resize based on the type of content they have, whether it's long text or it contains media. With the new thread feature, they'll now also open their respective thread for further context.
  • Replies can now be more detailed. The reply window now resides as a panel and offers more tools such as uploading media, setting content warnings, and changing the visibility.
  • Links will now open in your respective web browser rather than trying to open in a new Electron window.
  • Content warning buttons will now change colors depending on the type of content in question. Currently, this works best when 'NSFW: ' or 'Spoiler: ' prepends the spoiler text.
  • Clicking a desktop notification will now return you to the app rather than doing nothing.

Bug fixes

  • A bug that causes building to fail on Linux because Wine wasn't installed has been resolved by specifying the type of build rather than building for all platforms.
  • If someone follows you and you get notified, Hyperspace will no longer crash or freeze because there wasn't a status attached with it.
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