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// api for ui module(s)
package ui
import (
var Actions = struct {
Quit, CopyBrowserCodeToClipboard, OpenInBrowser, Help chan interface{}
CopyBrowserCodeToClipboard: make(chan interface{}, 0),
Quit: make(chan interface{}, 0),
OpenInBrowser: make(chan interface{}, 0),
Help: make(chan interface{}, 0),
// ui us te definition of a UI service
type ui interface {
Run(onReady func()) error
Done() error
WriteClipboard(msg string) error
Language(lang string) error
// u is the reference of the UI implementation used
var (
u ui
setui sync.Once
// Set sets the ui implementation
func Set(ui ui) {
setui.Do(func() {
u = ui
// Init wrapper
func Run(onReady func()) error {
lg.V(19).Infoln("entering ui.Run")
err := u.Run(onReady)
lg.V(19).Infoln("leaving ui.Run")
return err
func WriteClipboard(msg string) error {
return u.WriteClipboard(msg)
func Language(lang string) error {
return u.Language(lang)
func Done() {
lg.V(19).Infoln("entering ui.Done")
lg.V(19).Infoln("leaving ui.Done")
func Notify(msg string) {
log.Println("ui.Notify is a noop righjt now, the call should probably be removed:", msg)
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