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A workaround for GRAILS-6370 (reloading AOP using classes)
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This is a small/simple plugin that installs a workaround for GRAILS-6370 which prevents beans using @Transactional (or other AOP annotations such as @Cacheable from the springcache plugin) from being reloadable. Without these plugin, you will be greeted with a ClassCastException when trying to reload these classes.

Note that this plugin is only required for versions of Grails preceeding 1.3.6 as this plugin is essentially incorporated into 1.3.6 and greater.


All you need to do is install it:

grails install-plugin aop-reloading-fix

Version Compatibility

This plugin should be compatible with all versions from 1.2.0 through to 1.3.5.

It has been tested on 1.2.0 and 1.3.5.

How it works

This plugin modifies with way AOP proxies are created in a reloadable environment to make them reload capable. It has no effect when running in a non reloadable environment such as production.

More Information

If you want the gritty details, you can follow GRAILS-6370

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