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from copy import deepcopy
from typing import List, Tuple
import heapq
import numpy as np
import torch
from allennlp.common.util import JsonDict, sanitize
from import Instance
from import TextField, SequenceLabelField
from allennlp.interpret.attackers import utils
from allennlp.interpret.attackers.attacker import Attacker
from allennlp.predictors import Predictor
class InputReduction(Attacker):
Runs the input reduction method from [Pathologies of Neural Models Make Interpretations
Difficult](, which removes as many words as possible from
the input without changing the model's prediction.
The functions on this class handle a special case for NER by looking for a field called "tags"
This check is brittle, i.e., the code could break if the name of this field has changed, or if
a non-NER model has a field called "tags".
Registered as an `Attacker` with name "input-reduction".
def __init__(self, predictor: Predictor, beam_size: int = 3) -> None:
self.beam_size = beam_size
def attack_from_json(
inputs: JsonDict,
input_field_to_attack: str = "tokens",
grad_input_field: str = "grad_input_1",
ignore_tokens: List[str] = None,
target: JsonDict = None,
if target is not None:
raise ValueError("Input reduction does not implement targeted attacks")
ignore_tokens = ["@@NULL@@"] if ignore_tokens is None else ignore_tokens
original_instances = self.predictor.json_to_labeled_instances(inputs)
original_text_field: TextField = original_instances[0][ # type: ignore
original_tokens = deepcopy(original_text_field.tokens)
final_tokens = []
for instance in original_instances:
inputs, instance, input_field_to_attack, grad_input_field, ignore_tokens
return sanitize({"final": final_tokens, "original": original_tokens})
def _attack_instance(
inputs: JsonDict,
instance: Instance,
input_field_to_attack: str,
grad_input_field: str,
ignore_tokens: List[str],
# Save fields that must be checked for equality
fields_to_compare = utils.get_fields_to_compare(inputs, instance, input_field_to_attack)
# Set num_ignore_tokens, which tells input reduction when to stop
# We keep at least one token for input reduction on classification/entailment/etc.
if "tags" not in instance:
num_ignore_tokens = 1
tag_mask = None
# Set num_ignore_tokens for NER and build token mask
num_ignore_tokens, tag_mask, original_tags = _get_ner_tags_and_mask(
instance, input_field_to_attack, ignore_tokens
text_field: TextField = instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
current_tokens = deepcopy(text_field.tokens)
candidates = [(instance, -1, tag_mask)]
# keep removing tokens until prediction is about to change
while len(current_tokens) > num_ignore_tokens and candidates:
# sort current candidates by smallest length (we want to remove as many tokens as possible)
def get_length(input_instance: Instance):
input_text_field: TextField = input_instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
return len(input_text_field.tokens)
candidates = heapq.nsmallest(self.beam_size, candidates, key=lambda x: get_length(x[0]))
beam_candidates = deepcopy(candidates)
candidates = []
for beam_instance, smallest_idx, tag_mask in beam_candidates:
# get gradients and predictions
beam_tag_mask = deepcopy(tag_mask)
grads, outputs = self.predictor.get_gradients([beam_instance])
for output in outputs:
if isinstance(outputs[output], torch.Tensor):
outputs[output] = outputs[output].detach().cpu().numpy().squeeze().squeeze()
elif isinstance(outputs[output], list):
outputs[output] = outputs[output][0]
# Check if any fields have changed, if so, next beam
if "tags" not in instance:
# relabel beam_instance since last iteration removed an input token
beam_instance = self.predictor.predictions_to_labeled_instances(
beam_instance, outputs
if utils.instance_has_changed(beam_instance, fields_to_compare):
# special case for sentence tagging (we have tested NER)
# remove the mask where you remove the input token from.
if smallest_idx != -1: # Don't delete on the very first iteration
del beam_tag_mask[smallest_idx] # type: ignore
cur_tags = [
outputs["tags"][x] for x in range(len(outputs["tags"])) if beam_tag_mask[x] # type: ignore
if cur_tags != original_tags:
# remove a token from the input
text_field: TextField = beam_instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
current_tokens = deepcopy(text_field.tokens)
reduced_instances_and_smallest = _remove_one_token(
beam_tag_mask, # type: ignore
return current_tokens
def _remove_one_token(
instance: Instance,
input_field_to_attack: str,
grads: np.ndarray,
ignore_tokens: List[str],
beam_size: int,
tag_mask: List[int],
) -> List[Tuple[Instance, int, List[int]]]:
Finds the token with the smallest gradient and removes it.
# Compute L2 norm of all grads.
grads_mag = [np.sqrt( for grad in grads]
# Skip all ignore_tokens by setting grad to infinity
text_field: TextField = instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
for token_idx, token in enumerate(text_field.tokens):
if token in ignore_tokens:
grads_mag[token_idx] = float("inf")
# For NER, skip all tokens that are not in outside
if "tags" in instance:
tag_field: SequenceLabelField = instance["tags"] # type: ignore
labels: List[str] = tag_field.labels # type: ignore
for idx, label in enumerate(labels):
if label != "O":
grads_mag[idx] = float("inf")
reduced_instances_and_smallest: List[Tuple[Instance, int, List[int]]] = []
for _ in range(beam_size):
# copy instance and edit later
copied_instance = deepcopy(instance)
copied_text_field: TextField = copied_instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
# find smallest
smallest = np.argmin(grads_mag)
if grads_mag[smallest] == float("inf"): # if all are ignored tokens, return.
grads_mag[smallest] = float("inf") # so the other beams don't use this token
# remove smallest
inputs_before_smallest = copied_text_field.tokens[0:smallest]
inputs_after_smallest = copied_text_field.tokens[smallest + 1 :]
copied_text_field.tokens = inputs_before_smallest + inputs_after_smallest
if "tags" in instance:
tag_field: SequenceLabelField = copied_instance["tags"] # type: ignore
tag_field_before_smallest = tag_field.labels[0:smallest]
tag_field_after_smallest = tag_field.labels[smallest + 1 :]
tag_field.labels = tag_field_before_smallest + tag_field_after_smallest # type: ignore
tag_field.sequence_field = copied_text_field
copied_instance.indexed = False
reduced_instances_and_smallest.append((copied_instance, smallest, tag_mask))
return reduced_instances_and_smallest
def _get_ner_tags_and_mask(
instance: Instance, input_field_to_attack: str, ignore_tokens: List[str]
Used for the NER task. Sets the num_ignore tokens, saves the original predicted tag and a 0/1
mask in the position of the tags
# Set num_ignore_tokens
num_ignore_tokens = 0
input_field: TextField = instance[input_field_to_attack] # type: ignore
for token in input_field.tokens:
if str(token) in ignore_tokens:
num_ignore_tokens += 1
# save the original tags and a 0/1 mask where the tags are
tag_mask = []
original_tags = []
tag_field: SequenceLabelField = instance["tags"] # type: ignore
for label in tag_field.labels:
if label != "O":
num_ignore_tokens += 1
return num_ignore_tokens, tag_mask, original_tags