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The Allen SDK

Join the chat at

This repository contains code for processing and analyzing data in the Allen Brain Atlas.

Please visit for more information.

We welcome contributions! See the contribution guide here.


Tim Fliss @tfliss

David Feng @dyf


Michael Buice @mabuice

Nicholas Cain @nicain

Florian Franzen @FlorianFranzen

Werner Van Geit @wvangeit

Richard Gerkin @rgerkin

Nathan Gouwens @gouwens

Nile Graddis @nilegraddis

Gabe Ocker @gocker

Corinne Teeter @corinneteeter

Shreejoy Tripathy @stripathy

Saskia de Vries @saskiad

Derric Williams @derricw

Jed Perkins @jfperkins

Joe Knox @jknox13

Justin Kiggins @neuromusic