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Learning to use Github for ChronoZoom development

Some links to get you started

Visual Studio Tools for Git (Preview)

Github’s introduction to Learning Git

Topic Branches – an important concept for working well together on Github

Your first checkin

  1. Install the Visual Studio tools.
  2. Create an account on Github.
  3. Fork the ‘blessed’ repository owned by Eugene,, into your own Github repository. Picture of fork button
  4. Clone your ChronoZoom repository on Github to your local computer
  5. Create and switch to a ‘topic branch’ for what you are working on, e.g. ‘git checkout –b newFooBar’
  6. Make your changes, commit into the local branch on your computer.
  7. Push the changes to Github so everyone can see them, e.g. ‘git push origin newFooBar’
  8. When you’re ready to integrate your changes with the rest of the team, submit a ‘Pull Request’ back to Eugene


  • Do not install ‘Github for Windows’. This is an ‘easy to use’ tool that doesn’t integrate well with Visual Studio and can interfere with your Git installation.
  • I’ve found it best to learn ‘git from the command line’ from the beginning and not rely upon GUI tools too much. The GUI tools are great to get started, but you’ll rapidly find that you need the power of the command line as you get into the more advanced scenarios and having to ‘relearn’ git from the command line is a waste of time.

For More Information