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Record voice, transcribe a prompt, picturize the prompt, create variations, get description of a celebrity and upload, other use cases on KB


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This uses OpenAI API Whisper(whisper-1), DALL-E, GPT(gpt-3.5-turbo), also Azure OpenAI and Google PaLM (



Azure Container Registry and Docker notes

export required environment variables

export AZURE_REGISTRY_NAME = "Set Azure Container registry name here"
export P_MONGODB_DATABASE = "Mongo database"
export P_MONGODB_URI = "Mongo connection string"

build a docker image locally or use GitHub Workflow action

docker build --rm --pull \
  --file "Dockerfile" \
  --label "com.$AZURE_REGISTRY_NAME.ask-picturize-it" \
  --tag "ask-picturize-it:latest" \

Run and test

docker run -e P_MONGODB_DATABASE -e P_MONGODB_URI -it --publish 80:80 --publish 27017:27017 ask-picturize-it:latest

Login to Azure Container registry

az login --use-device-code
az acr login --name $

Tag and Push the docker image to the Azure Container registry

docker tag ask-picturize-it $
docker push $

JupyterLab or Azure ML Workspace Notes

  • Use (locally, or on the Cloud or in GitHub Codespaces) or Login to and use Notebooks

  • Clone repo and rename env.example to .env and set values to variables

  • uncomment following lines

      #from dotenv import load_dotenv
  • Install

      pip install python-dotenv
  • Run to install dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt 
  • Install pip install p2j

    pip install p2j
  • Run to convert py to ipynb