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iMapper: Interaction-guided Scene Mapping from Monocular Videos
Python Shell Dockerfile
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iMapper: Interaction-guided Scene Mapping from Monocular Videos (link)



Download videos and images


Open a ground truth scenelet


conda create --name iMapper python=3 numpy -y


conda activate iMapper
export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd); python3 ./

Run iMapper on a video

### Requirements

  • CUDA capable GPU
  • docker
  • nvidia-docker

### How to run:

  • Have a folder containing
    • a video (e.g., video.mp4) and
    • camera intrinsics in intrinsics.json e.g., [[1920.0, 0.0, 960.0], [0.0, 1920.0, 540.0], [0.0, 0.0, 1.0]]
  • Replace the variables PATH_TO_FOLDER_CONTAINING_VIDEO and VIDEO below.
  • Adjust GPU ID if needed.
git clone
cd iMapper
docker build -t imapper imapper/docker
nvidia-docker run -it --name iMapper \
 -v ${PATH_TO_FOLDER_CONTAINING_VIDEO}:/opt/iMapper/i3DB/MyScene:rw \
 imapper \
          python3 /opt/iMapper/i3DB/MyScene/${VIDEO} --gpu-id 0"
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